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On Palin and America

I’ve not had much time to read or reflect on the world at large. Like most people with a brain and the ability to see through the bullshit I’ve watched in horror as Americans with no brains and who thrive on bullshit suck up the crap the right wing is throwing at them. For God’s sake–for America’s sake–why in the hell won’t you people listen?

I know I am blowing in the wind. In my last post I think I mentioned something about how my brother the fundamentalist and I got into a squabble at the Whataburger over “religion.” I think I did. Anyway, he is a devout Evangelical quasi-fundamentalist. He’s not a pure fundamentalist any more since he does attempt to follow a bit of logic and he does go a short way into using his brain. But he is as brainwashed as every other Evangelical. He is as brainwashed as I was. It is highly doubtful that he will ever understand Truth. His mindset is the same as those who continue to believe the incredible –and highly verifiable–pack of lies being sold to Americans about 9/11, the war, the economy and everything else.

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And So It Begins…

I’m doing it again. Just when I am completely wrung out and I just want to sit under a tree and contemplate life something in the world comes along and kicks me in the ass. This thing with the Bimbo, Palin, has done that. Not only am I amazed at how stupid McCan’t and Palin think Americans are, I’m incensed that they are right! Good lord, how shallow and uninformed can Americans be?

But I digress.

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A’Palin politics

I make no apologies for that terrible header.

In the midst of my personal crises life goes on.  The world is stirred and shredded and battered by conflict, war, hatred, conflict,  cruelty.   Politics go on.  Struggle for Truth and stupid-think goes on.

This morning on Beliefnet I took another jab at the religious right’s insane attitudes and their crazy support for Palin.  I shall share that post preceded by a few pointed comments.

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Beyond the Palin

OK, so I have sworn off politics and religion and all other assorted thinking comments lately. Haven’t even been fired up to write a letter to the local paper. I’m not just burned out, I’m charcoal. Still, this bimbo VP pick of McCan’t the idiot has me really thinking people are totally beyond stupid.

I never bother listening to the “National Media.” Why bother? They produce crap and fluff according to their corporate owners and sponsors’ rules. Get some real news about the bimbo and you’ll either not believe it, prove how stupid you are, or be appalled at how insane politics can be.

God help us if the bimbo gets the top job. I WILL move out of the country then. Hell, Mexico would be better even with the drug wars.

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