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Interdependence Day

Today is Independence Day. Our newspaper carried this editorial:

EDITORIAL: Celebrate freedom by reading the Declaration of Independence

The link goes to a quote of a portion of the Declaration. The words are inspiring. The tension in the room squeezing the hearts of all who stood beside the table prepared to sign is palpable within the document’s words. Those men knew what they were doing. They were not stupid.

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The Politics of Igorance.

Ignorance is Bliss.

Don’t remember who said that but it sure is true. Especially when it comes to American politics.

There was an article somewhere, Alternet I think, that pointed out the fact that the war has disappeared. Not from the earth, certainly not, but from the news. Every minute of every day American soldiers–and a growing number of American mercenaries–are battling God knows who in at least two countries. There is NO coverage so who knows exactly what George and Co. is up to. (When I say that understand that I mean Cheney and the Puppet.) But who hears anything? In the days of my youth I remember Vietnam was the lead story every single night. Day after day it was body counts and troop movements and Ho Chi Minh or Peace Talks or whatever. The tinker-toy wars we had in the nineties were front page news, too. Continue reading

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