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I object!

I have a gripe today: the absurd practice of charging for larger size clothing, especially shirts and t-shirts.  There is no excuse.  Charging more is discrimination against larger size people.

Of course size discrimination has always been a part of he American way of life.  I know.  I have always been a big guy.  It is the way my body is.  Some people are big because they eat too much–often because they are depressed from being mistreated because they are heavy.  I am what I am because I just am.  I do not eat junk food, very few sodas, very few sweets.  I do not snack very often.  In fact I eat less than my little eight and nine year old kids.  They’re scrawny!

I would loose a little if I could exercise.  I have been in better shape and would like to be but I still would not shrink very much.  Because of physical ailments I am unable to walk or do exercize.  I can’t afford a doctor.  As a vet I have access to the VA but help there is very limited.  SO, here I am, a big fella.

What’s the deal with charging more for slightly larger size clothing?  Walmart does it.  Many retailers do it.  Why?  Because they can.

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On Homosexuality

This post is something I posted on Cowtippers.

— In, *~Mystic Blue Rose~* <mystic_blue.rose@…> wrote:
> not every word in the bible is inspired or inerrant. perhaps Paul’s homophobia was manifest in his attitude rather than GOD’s homophobia.

Ted here… looking for a place to weigh in.

I’ve browsed forward to see what everyone else said then came back to jump in at this post.

I start here because I have a real problem with the term “homophobia.”  “Phobia” means fear.  I am claustrophobic, meaning if someone locked me in a small room it would scare the crap out of me.  There are no two football players big enough to get me into an MRI.  I am uncomfortable in elevators.  On the other hand, while I find the activity of homosexuality unpleasant and gross I am NOT “afraid” of those who practice it nor of the knowledge of what it is.

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There are times when I read articles describing human injustice and tragedy I want to just cry… mostly out of frustration.  The article below is one of those.

Read it and weep.

Tragic Traps: Make a Mistake in America

and You May Pay a Heavy Price for Decades

By Joe Bageant, CounterPunch. Posted June 17, 2008.

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