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I object!

I have a gripe today: the absurd practice of charging for larger size clothing, especially shirts and t-shirts.  There is no excuse.  Charging more is discrimination against larger size people.

Of course size discrimination has always been a part of he American way of life.  I know.  I have always been a big guy.  It is the way my body is.  Some people are big because they eat too much–often because they are depressed from being mistreated because they are heavy.  I am what I am because I just am.  I do not eat junk food, very few sodas, very few sweets.  I do not snack very often.  In fact I eat less than my little eight and nine year old kids.  They’re scrawny!

I would loose a little if I could exercise.  I have been in better shape and would like to be but I still would not shrink very much.  Because of physical ailments I am unable to walk or do exercize.  I can’t afford a doctor.  As a vet I have access to the VA but help there is very limited.  SO, here I am, a big fella.

What’s the deal with charging more for slightly larger size clothing?  Walmart does it.  Many retailers do it.  Why?  Because they can.

Is it a cost of materials isssue?  No, the differences between an XL and an XXL are very slight.  If the concern is with materials why are not all shirts priced according to size?  Men who wear XL are not penalized because they’re bigger than small guys.

Is it was because of “demand?”  This would imply it takes extra effort to make a larger shirt and that there are “few” men who need one and therefore the price is higher.  Bull.  T-shirts are cranked out in oriental sweatshops or in mechanized factories.  The size of the shirt does not matter, they’re all made the same way.  I actually worked in a clothing factory once.  An inch of material and a couple more stitches on those big machines would matter not at all.  As far as demand goes, look around, how many big guys do you see?  There is plenty of demand.  I would buy a lot more shirts if Wally didn’t charge extra.  I refuse to pay extra unless I absolutely have to.

I told my wife I should buy a smaller shirt and put a message on it: “I won’t pay more.”  I could wear it where greedy people charger more for larger sizes.  If I thought it would make any difference I would do just that.

This subject is at the top of my list today because we went on vacation last week.  I wanted a t-shirt.  I could not FIND a t-shirt that was not very expensive.  There were loads of cheap t-shirts–except “XXL and XXXL – $XX more” signs were everywhere.

Were it not for a wonderful Dillards outlet in Houston I would be very short of clothes.  The store, at the old Greenspoint Mall, has incredible bargains on very expensive clothes.  They have large sizes, too.  It’s a great place.  For guys like me it’s a godsend.  Smaller size people can find more stuff than they could fill a closet with.  Twenty bucks there will get a clothes that would cost a couple hundred in retail stores.

We larger size folks get judged before we ever get in a door by svelt and skinny people who are naturally lean (like my dad who ate all the time and never gained an ounce) or who almost kill themselves to stay thin out of sheer vanity.  Most people like me are so used to the abuse that they think nothing of it and just consider higher prices the penalty for being fat.  Prejudice against heavy people is the one prejudice not only practiced but promoted in American society.

If you are a thin person who looks down your nose at larger people shame on you! It’s really eazy to judge when you’re not in our shoes.  Judging others for any reason is wrong.  It is hurtful.  It causes suffering.  I’m just a guy, a human being, a person who cares about others and does what I can with what I have to work with.  Nobody should consider me less of a person, nobody should consider me stupid or greedy or whatever just because I wear a shirt and pants a size or two larger than they do.  And no company has a right to force me or any other larger person to pay higher prices for clothes only fractionally larger than average just because they can get away with it.

I hope there comes a day when people care enough about each other to put aside prejudice.  At the moment America seems to be getting worse instead of better.  It’s sad.  How nice this world would be if people would practice a little courtesy and respect.  How nice it would be if people would judge each other by the “content of their character” rather than the size of their t-shirt!

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