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Bandits! Grab the cucumbers!

Too late.

This morning we discovered these bandits in plain sight, full view, scarfing down some dog food that had been dumped.  Mom and two kids (one pictured).  Cute little things, eh?

Yeah, right.

Now we know what’s been happening to our veggies.  I knew darn well there should have been some things growing on those plants.  Not a single cucumber.  Three days ago we spotted one.  The next day, gone gone.

Dagnabbit, we put up a fence to stop the rabbits.  Those little masked buggers can climb!  We live smack dab in the woods.  There’s probably several more where these thieves come from.  They had to be pretty hungry to stand there eating while the little kids watched from the porch not thirty feet away.

Time to build a greenhouse!


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On Homosexuality

This post is something I posted on Cowtippers.

— In, *~Mystic Blue Rose~* <mystic_blue.rose@…> wrote:
> not every word in the bible is inspired or inerrant. perhaps Paul’s homophobia was manifest in his attitude rather than GOD’s homophobia.

Ted here… looking for a place to weigh in.

I’ve browsed forward to see what everyone else said then came back to jump in at this post.

I start here because I have a real problem with the term “homophobia.”  “Phobia” means fear.  I am claustrophobic, meaning if someone locked me in a small room it would scare the crap out of me.  There are no two football players big enough to get me into an MRI.  I am uncomfortable in elevators.  On the other hand, while I find the activity of homosexuality unpleasant and gross I am NOT “afraid” of those who practice it nor of the knowledge of what it is.

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Totally SCREWED up!

OK, can I barf now?

One of my morning haunts online is a site called “AlterNet.”  Often one can find interesting viewpoints and usually more truthful political news and information there than is found on mainstream news sites.  Sometimes, though, I find horrid examples of what is so wrong with this country.  Such is the case with today’s offerings.

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE AND SITUATIONS… can’t wait to read it now, huh?

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