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Days of life

There are people who faithfully write on their blog day after day even though like this one the words are rarely viewed by other souls.  Bless them for their perseverance.  At times I loose enthusiasm for the daily keyboard calamity of this blog and sometimes even life itself.  But I always recover.

August.  What is it?  The end of summer?  The last hurah?  It’s just one more event, a record of passing time, thirty-one days when everything in the universe passes away and is renewed.  And having let it go by without writing anything on this blog I’m trying to hard so I’ll quit.

There are no excuses anyway.  I don’t believe in excuses.  There may be reasons but there are never excuses.  If we make the right choices soon enough everything works well.  Sometimes the choices are blind choices and we should not be faulted for making the wrong decision at those times but still the option of choice renders excuses invalid.

So there is no excuse for my not being as diligent as those who write every day.  I just didn’t.  That is it.  I was tired of thinking.  I am still tired of thinking but thinking is what I do whether I like it or not.  Now that I have endured the month of August, moved one more step towards oblivion, raised the number of years on this planet to 52 and counting, I shall return to writing for a time.

I have been busy.  I’ve worked around the house, done all my housework, watched over the kids, and built a few things.  I installed a new washer/dryer combo… a stack set with a front load washer, very nice and going to cost us.  I also moved my writing desk to my enclosed back porch.  Just yesterday I made screens for the windows so I can let the fresh air in this fall.  Before the cold gets here I’ll have a wood heater of some kind beside me.  The brick hearth has been down since last fall.

September is going to be another busy month.  I have all kinds of projects on my agenda.  We’re remodeling the kids’ bathroom, I have a patio out back to create from blocks, I’m fixing up a garden area out front, and we have a good deal of cleanup that needs tending to.  This is besides my daily chores that every good housekeeper has to do: washing clothes, floors, fixing dinner, etc..  So if I’m not here everyday you’ll just have to deal with it.

Now I’m off to get my kids lunch.  Starting tomorrow they’ll be in school.  The birds will chirp, the sky will be blue, life will move on but Daddy will be sad because the constant companionship of my little people will not be available any longer.

Time to go, now.  I have work to do.  Don’t stay gone too long because sooner or later I’ll be back!

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Thinking Out Loud

Good Friday.  Or, Bad Friday?  It’s the 13th.

I’m talking to myself, you know, this poor lil’ blog is all by itself.  Oh well.

Not happy with the school kids today.  They did well until they were given a few, simple spelling words to learn.  They hate spelling words.  SO, they don’t try.  Now, I’m not being too tough.  I know what they are capable of.  I’ve seen them learn very large words in a short period of time and ace a spelling test when they were motivated.  When they’re not motivated they’ll misspell cat.

I’m not a very good motivator.  But that’s nothing new.  I’ve never known how to motivate people.  I have all kinds of brilliant ideas, innovative thoughts, great plans, but in fifty years I’ve never been able to get anybody to DO them, even when the benefit is obvious and not doing them will cause obvious harm.

The human species is as alien to me as those bug-eyed buggers in sci-fi movies.  I just don’t understand people!  Never have.  Maybe never will. Continue reading

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Middle Day …obligations!

Still here!

Yesterday I had a bad case of the “don’ts.”  Ever get those?  Like, “screw it, I just DON’T!”  Don’t want to… whatever.  Goof off.  I’d better get busy today or I might catch it again! Continue reading

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