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Growing stuff!

Well, so far so good on the hydroponics!  I had to replace the first pump, it didn’t work well.  It was an old one that I’d fixed. It wouldn’t hold up for continuous running.  I stole the pump from our little fish pond.  Wasn’t using it anyway.  I have to fix some stuff.

The cool thing is that some of my seeds have already sprouted.  Totally cool.  Only four days!  These are cucumbers.  With luck we’ll have cucumbers for Thanksgiving!  Now the tomatoes and squash need to pop up.

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Bandits! Grab the cucumbers!

Too late.

This morning we discovered these bandits in plain sight, full view, scarfing down some dog food that had been dumped.  Mom and two kids (one pictured).  Cute little things, eh?

Yeah, right.

Now we know what’s been happening to our veggies.  I knew darn well there should have been some things growing on those plants.  Not a single cucumber.  Three days ago we spotted one.  The next day, gone gone.

Dagnabbit, we put up a fence to stop the rabbits.  Those little masked buggers can climb!  We live smack dab in the woods.  There’s probably several more where these thieves come from.  They had to be pretty hungry to stand there eating while the little kids watched from the porch not thirty feet away.

Time to build a greenhouse!


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Garden… Update! Pics!

It’s good, this garden of ours.

06-21-08 PICS!

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How does my garden grow?

Better, now that I have fenced it off. It’s not a pretty, picket fence. It’s effective. My kids and I with some assistance from my brother managed to get the chicken wire up and create a barrier to keep out varmints. So far, so good.

Here are some pictures of how far along the garden is. Continue reading

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