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The Juices of Creation ~ Update 07/27/2011

I thought that was a pretty sharp title!  A few weeks ago I ran across a website called Instructibles, a pretty cool website where people share ideas, plans, pictures and video of projects they’ve done.  It has a wide variety of stuff from cooking to woodwork to survival.  Browsing the site I realized I could populate an entire section on that website with stuff I’ve done over the years.  I’ve built and torn down houses!  My house and yard right now is testimony to my incredible (ha!) skills… and proof that Buddha was right, nothing is permanent.  SO, I figured from now on I would take the time to document some of the projects I create and post them online.

Most of the projects I undertake are done out of necessity.  They are Trailerpark Scholar projects designed and built to take the place of something that could have been bought if I had the dough.  A few plans on the drawing board will require new stuff, like the porch project.  But those will be done along the way when we get the money to do them.

I have no idea what projects I will come up with until I have an inspiration to do them.  I need something or have some kind of idea I head to the shop and do it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  My shop is littered with funny looking little flops.  But learning is experimenting.  And around here experimenting is the word of the day because I almost never have exactly what I need.  I just make do.

Anyway, so here are my creations.  Physical proof that I truly am weird!  I have them here in PDF.  Follow the link and then find the PDF!  These files are made using Microsoft Word 2011 and CutePDF.

Visit my Instructibles page

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