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Good Friday.  Or, Bad Friday?  It’s the 13th.

I’m talking to myself, you know, this poor lil’ blog is all by itself.  Oh well.

Not happy with the school kids today.  They did well until they were given a few, simple spelling words to learn.  They hate spelling words.  SO, they don’t try.  Now, I’m not being too tough.  I know what they are capable of.  I’ve seen them learn very large words in a short period of time and ace a spelling test when they were motivated.  When they’re not motivated they’ll misspell cat.

I’m not a very good motivator.  But that’s nothing new.  I’ve never known how to motivate people.  I have all kinds of brilliant ideas, innovative thoughts, great plans, but in fifty years I’ve never been able to get anybody to DO them, even when the benefit is obvious and not doing them will cause obvious harm.

The human species is as alien to me as those bug-eyed buggers in sci-fi movies.  I just don’t understand people!  Never have.  Maybe never will. Continue reading

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Do simple people Blog?

Remember the Truman show? Lord how I’d like to be Truman BEFORE he discovered the sham of his existence.

My friend Julie blogged recently about coming in contact with “simple people.” Find her blog here:

I don’t mean “simple people” in a derogatory or hateful way, only as a way to explain how their lives differ from my own. Maybe I should say “common people.” But that doesn’t exactly work since *I* am a “common person.” I am a Prol, a member of the “little people,” part of the “Great Unwashed.” But my brain works different than those whom I have called “simple” people. Continue reading

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