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Tiny Story

From 2000, here’s my once best friend’s story…

Hawthorn said, “We must not always talk in the market-place of what happens to us in the forest.” There are some who live by this belief. As I boarded my flight for Vancouver I knew I was about to meet one of them. When the airplane touched down in Canada I was asking myself, “How in the world did I wind up here?” Only a few short months ago Vancouver, Canada was a city I knew little about and had no plans of ever visiting. But here I was landing with a six-day hotel reservation, a round-trip ticket, and a million questions. “This should be interesting,” I remember muttering to myself as I climbed up the ramp and headed for customs.

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Little Woman, Big Impact

I try to keep up with what’s going on in the UFO field.  These days it’s mostly a casual interest.

Tiny and Me

In the Pub at the Biltmore, Vancouver, BC

This wasn’t always so.  Once upon a time I came close, very close, to being a published author about UFO’s and abductions.  Yesterday I was watching a couple of vids and like always my mind went back to my friend Tiny.  We had a relatively short but very powerful friendship.  I will never forget her nor will I stop caring deeply for her.

I decided I’d see if I could find her online.  It’d been close to a decade since we’d last had a couple of emails and a long time since I’d looked for her.  So, I looked.  And I was quite shocked and saddened when I found her obituary.  She’s gone.  She died two years ago.  All the rest of the day my stomach felt empty and I felt strangely alone.  Damn.

The best way to explain our unusual relationship is to re-publish the story I wrote about her.  The short story.  It’s called Tiny’s Story.  Click the title to read it.  I flew all the way from Austin, Texas to Vancouver, Canada to see her and talk about her experiences with… um… you know… aliens.  She had one hell of a story to tell, as you’ll read in the story.

Plan was to write her story and publish it as a book.  It was sure to be a bit seller.  Back then the UFO phenomena and alien abductions were big stuff.  So I spent five days with her in VC.  What an incredible time it was.  Afterwards, back in Texas, we kept in constant touch and I started writing.

Just to get things going I wrote the short story linked to above.  I sent it to one of the Big Boys in the field, Fate Magazine.  They accepted it!  No shit.  A stack of rejection letters I had filed away didn’t give me much hope but there it was, an offer to publish.  All they needed was an affidavit from Tiny that the story was authentic.  That’s when the whole thing went to hell in a hand-basket.

Tiny freaked when I told her I needed the affidavit.  She said she couldn’t do it.  Then she vanished.  No emails, no calls, nothing.  I was left holding a useless acceptance, a partial story that had died on the vine, and a heart all twisted from the disappearance of my friend.

More than a year later I managed to get back in touch.  I tried to find out where she’d gone.  She would not say except that she had been stricken with an illness that almost killed her.  We exchanged a few messages and then nothing.  Once or twice in the years that passed I managed to get short emails but never got the story of what happened, why she balked, or anything else.

Many was the time I was tempted to scrape up the money to fly to Canada and find her.  But life went on and her memory slid back to a comfortable spot in my yesterdays.  We were close friends for only a few months but I still miss her very much.  I have lots of mementos from my trip to remind me, things she gave me, and of course some very sweet memories.

Of her story, when she freaked and before she disappeared I asked pointedly, “is it all bullshit?  Is that it?”  She insisted adamantly that it was all true.  Sometimes I wonder.  You know, I just don’t know.  But I think it was.  My trip to Vancouver can be described in two words: wonderful and weird.  Same with our entire relationship.  My life has taken such a strange direction since then.  My views have gone even farther afield.  My personality hasn’t changed much, I don’t think, but the world view and attitude it’s wrapped in has turned inside out.  I think my transformation from hard-core religious right to atheistic skeptic was very much influenced by my incredible friend Tiny.

Tiny was short, quirky, fun, an exquisitely wonderful woman and once, for a short time, my very best friend.  Now, she’s gone.  She’s the mystery wrapped in an enigma that I will never be able to uncover.  So today I say a belated goodbye and deep thanks for all she gave me.  Rest in Peace, my dear friend, I will surely miss you still, and forever.

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