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The Me that I Am.

I know the likelihood of anybody reading this bullshit blog is about slim to none.  Whatever.  I suppose this is just therapy so I don’t go completely nuts.  I live in isolation, here in the woods.  My kids keep me company in the summer.  When school starts I’m kind’a screwed.  My great Rock Music adventure went to shit and I’m left with the bill I can’t pay.  It was a great idea but some bands were total shitheads and helped trash the idea.  The two Lufkin bands I started the whole thing for just because I thought I could help them out turned out to be dickheads.  I hope their goddamn strings break and drums crack.  I really should have known better than to rely on anybody that lives in Lufkin!   A few other bands fucked me over, too, but you know, that’s the nature of the business, right?  I should have listened to my friend when he told me that was how rock bands act.

I tried to create a newspaper online too, you know.  I could still be doing that but the more I worked at it the more I realized it was just pissing in the wind.  Nobody gives a shit.  The only people who are zealous enough to be involved in politics are the very pricks who need to be sent down river.  Religious idiots, fanatics, and right wing fools are all over the place.  The rest of the population has their head up their ass.

So yeah, this blog is my therapy.  Ever once in a while my attitude boils over and I have to take a piss.

I’m not angry.  Not much reason, I brought it on myself.  I’m not even all that lonely any more.  I am generally a peaceful person.  I respect people.  And I respect the law.  Yeah, there are shits-for-brains that drive me a little up the wall but even them I would be courteous to in person.  If I make a commitment I do my damndest to go through with it.  I drive the speed limit and stop at red lights.  I say please and excuse me and thank you.  It’s who I am.

Am I evil?  Yes I am.  That’s the song I use as my ring tone.  I am that to religious bigots and self-righteous nutcases.  I’m evil because even though I’ve spent my whole fucked up life trying to do something for someone else, being respectful, shit like that, I also refuse to kowtow to religious bullshit and I have enough brains to recognize lies when I see them.  I am evil because I am Buddhist, atheist, bohemian, free-thinking, and my moral code does not include all those idiotic rules religion uses to terrorize its membership.

So, this is my rant for the day.  Be advised, I take gabapentin.  It is how I survive.  The side effect of this little pill is emotional volatility.  So, anyway, I’m tired of looking at this fucking computer.  I’m going outside.  Have a nice day!

July 18, 2011 - Posted by | Blather

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