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There are storms like Ike, natural phenomena churning in the Gulf, no malevolent intent (no intent at all) but feared and dreaded for the havoc it can wreak. Then there are storms like the one which crashed into our home yesterday, unwanted, maybe not totally unexpected (though I had hoped against its arrival), bringing a kind of destruction that can’t be measured and will linger long after the unfortunate town on the Texas coast that gets a visit from Ike has rebuilt and moved on.

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Where do I start?

The real world has been quite confusing. The online world not much different. The world at large still going to hell in a handbasket. And I just finished my coffee so maybe there’s a little time before life awakes.

The doc gave mixed signals about my mom’s surgery. Maybe she’ll do fine, maybe not. She probably needs to have the kidney out… but not if she’s going to die soon. She’s 86, you know. So. The surgery went well after all. No complications. She was out of the ER by noon, Monday. to ICU by 4pm. Into a room yesterday.

Yesterday, though, things went south. Not with the surgery but our relationship. Or maybe I’m just over-medicated? Well, no, not exactly. I went by to see my mom in the morning then came back home to get some things done. Around noonish I got calls from siblings that mom was in a room. A couple hours later while I was working in the shop my mom called from her room.

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This day.

This day…

Wasn’t so bad in our home.  We worked outside a little, kids finished their bit of work, played some.  Grilled Cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Pan-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas.  This day was nice.

This day my mom sits at home in pain and fretting over surgery to remove a cancerous, non-functioning kidney.  Surgery is Monday… our 30th anniversary.

This day thousands of people up in the midwest had no homes, towns are washed away, flooding promises to wreck many thousands of people’s lives and destroy food crops.

This day the Environmental News Network carried a story that said over four and a half million people are hungry.

This day people on Cowtippers are trying to figure out the details of Biblical stories, particularly what “dying” meant when God said Adam and Eve shall certainly die.  Serious stuff.

This day.

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No kidding.

Our master bath is a wreck. My closet has nothing in it. The carpet is pulled up, plywood drying out, a new water heater sitting where the old one was. The new water heater cost $250 we didn’t have. Don’t know where we’ll get the dough to fix the floor. It’s a mess.

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Murphy is a Jackass!

We’re talking Friday the THIRTEENTH spillover here!

Last evening the floor in our bathroom was wet. At first we thought my little daughter, often given to playing with water, had dumped some water on the carpet. I put down some towels. Went to bed around twelve, give or take. Around one I was up to tinkle. The floor was WETTER. Crap! Only one thing could cause that. Water heater! Continue reading

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Friday – over the edge

So it’s Friday.

The kids’ school is over for the day. They did pretty well. I’m proud of my oldest who is learning SAT words and aced her test today.

My brother is in from Hooks, staying with my Mom. They’re spending their time over there sharing with each other about their pains. Wanted to go fishing with my bro’ but he bowed out. Very disappointing.

…Over the Edge…

You ever see one of those cartoons where the character is being chased or is chasing and runs right out past the edge of a cliff, looks back, then down, then goes “oops!” and zooms down, whoosh! That is my life. Continue reading

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