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Friday! And I am tard again!

Working on generator.

My boy and I worked outside again.  It was a hundred degrees!  Arg.  We took a load of stuff to the dump.  Then I worked on my ##$!@#$!$%^$%^&$ generator.  It sat up a while and must have gotten condensation in the tank.  It was all gunked up.  I had to pull the tank off, clean it, and do the same for the carburetor.  Got it all cleaned up and it STILL won’t crank.  Ha.  My brother said to get some kind of stuff called “Start My Engine” and put it in the gas.  I’ll have to try that.  Don’t know why it won’t crank now.   Even cleaned the plug.  Arg.  Sigh.

After that we had lunch and then started digging for a pond.  If I had a front end loader I could do it in a day.  It’ll probably take a month or two with shovels.  Oh well, it’ll help me stay fit, right?

My lil’ girl is back home.  I am happy about that!  Her friend’s parents have pigs and goats.  I’m going to get up some fences and stuff and buy some of them.  The pond is part of a planned aquaponics project.  We’re trying to get more self-sufficient around here.  And I’m working off the dough I wound up throwing away on Rock  Texas and a bunch of bands who didn’t really give a shit.  A couple did, the rest just wanted promotion.  The Lufkin bands were the greatest asses of all.  Ya live and learn, right?

So now I’m fixing dinner.  Want some hamburger helper?

July 8, 2011 - Posted by | Blather

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