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On Homosexuality

This post is something I posted on Cowtippers.

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> not every word in the bible is inspired or inerrant. perhaps Paul’s homophobia was manifest in his attitude rather than GOD’s homophobia.

Ted here… looking for a place to weigh in.

I’ve browsed forward to see what everyone else said then came back to jump in at this post.

I start here because I have a real problem with the term “homophobia.”  “Phobia” means fear.  I am claustrophobic, meaning if someone locked me in a small room it would scare the crap out of me.  There are no two football players big enough to get me into an MRI.  I am uncomfortable in elevators.  On the other hand, while I find the activity of homosexuality unpleasant and gross I am NOT “afraid” of those who practice it nor of the knowledge of what it is.

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More on Evil.

Posted on Cowtippers 06-17-08


It’s interesting that on a group that is supposed to be exploring truth there are many engaging in a whole host of wishful thinking about the evil that exists in the universe–or at least on this planet.

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The evil one.

The subject on Cowtippers today was satan.  And by the way, I don’t care if my spell-check don’t like it, I refused to capitalize the “s.”

Here’s part of the conversation.  If you want the rest you’ll have to follow the link and visit Cowtippers.  If you REALLY want to read what I was responding to and don’t want to go there send me an email and I’ll send you a copy.  OK?

There are two posts here.  Scroll down for “PART TWO.”

So, here it is:

— In, “Rhonda” <bibletruthseeker@…> wrote:

> I saw Deb’s post regarding Satan, I think “Satan” is a great topic

> for

> Sacred Cow Tipping! 🙂 This is because, oh indeed, Satan is

> a “Sacred Cow” for Religion, is he not? Sometimes I’ve wondered just

> how this “god” got so powerful, and how a belief in him along with an

> awesome (albeit not too wholesome) fear of him is right up there in

> the category of belief and (not too wholesome) fear of God that we

> find in most religions.


> So whattaya say we put Satan under some scrutiny and see if we can’t

> tip him over!

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Legalism, church history, evil, revivals, speaking out


I am a sometimes ornery member of the SacredCowTippers group on Yahoo.  I often write witty, profound, exciting and exemplary posts as I expound on certain religious subjects.  I say that humbly, of course. HA!

From today forward I shall preserve some of these posts for the teensy few who are lucky enough to find their way here.  This is the first installment.

Posted 06-11-08:

— In, Brehmites@… wrote:
> Someone sent me this article — I found it timely and interesting, and so I
> responded in places — hope it edifies!  (The article authors are in black
> font, I am purple; or, if you get it in one color, the article is indented, I’m
> to the left margin.)

Hi Dena!

This is a lot of cows to kick around.  As usual, from out in the hinterland where I dwell I see things differently.  I’ll make general comments and then a couple of points… if I may?    I have deleted much of your post to shorten up the file.

First, the question of “legalism” and all that junk–and it is junk– never comes up except in JUDEO-Christian circles where certain things are a given: Continue reading

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