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“Mr. Woodcock” Not just no, hell no!

I am so pissed.  Of all the jackass, lamebrain pathetic movies I’ve ever seen this one takes the cake.  It makes me never want to watch what’szis turdhead face again.  This movie is such a crock of crap.  I’ts a horror movie for all little fat kids whose coaches treat them like shit.

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The Agony of Not Knowing…

The doc pretty much confirmed what I had surmised already.  Mom’s digestive system is not going to function.  In all likelihood the cancer that took her kidney has enveloped part of her intestine.  Point of view and treatment options switched today from trying for improvement to getting her comfortable and planning for extended care for as long as she lives.

When my dad died I can’t say how mad I got at God.  In these situations some of the strongest Christians sometimes start a sentence in their mind, “what kind of God would…..”

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The Problem with Hell…

…is in the definition.

Trying to catch up here. I have been living in purgatory, at least, if not an upper level of hell. As I catch my breath I’ve been contemplating the levels of hell…

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God does everything… not.

These days time to get at the keyboard is very short.  I put my mom in the hospital last week.  I’ve been hauling old timber/lumber from a house my paw-in-law is tearing down to do some building around here.  And I volunteered (stupid me) to help with the tearing.  Yesterday I took my wife to the doc over in Nacogdoches, gone half a day, and then met with all my siblings (small miracle having them all here) to write a letter telling the doctors to do what the should do.

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More on Evil.

Posted on Cowtippers 06-17-08


It’s interesting that on a group that is supposed to be exploring truth there are many engaging in a whole host of wishful thinking about the evil that exists in the universe–or at least on this planet.

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