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Paranoia and LDN letters

In a rush of inspiration a few days ago I wrote up a letter about the paranoia of right wingers and the insanity of our current state of government and society in general.  I sent that letter to the Lufkin Daily News.  It ran today.

The focus of the letter was upon our very own Congressman Gohmert.  The Lufkin Daily Blues has a blog about him too.  It’s a sad day in America when people like that have such power and influence.  He is merely a reed blowing in the wind, moved back and forth by his handlers with little backbone.

Visit the link at right under LDN and me for this date.  Have a good, sad, histerical laugh before you whack your head against the wall.

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Paranoid people, their own worst enemy

Response to “CHK” post on the Peaceful Choice weblog:

The web blog “Alligator Farm,” linked to from a comment on the Peaceful Choice blog (, is an example of the paranoia I wrote about there.  Headlines above the featured article are enough to make most people move on to something more sensible.  “500,000 FEMA Coffins in USA Wilderness,” is one.  Another is the one of those headlines bandied around the internet for a year now: “Barack Obama: Antichrist or Precursor?”  Good grief!

If an ounce of paranoia was worth a dollar CHK would be a millionaire.  Really, CHK, do you think anyone will ever take you seriously?  If you’re up to it you might want to check out this link:

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You Be The Judge – Update

After some consideration I chose to write another letter to the editor in place of the “over the top” version the editor rejected.  When I sent it in the editor returned an email saying, “much better.”  I knew then the second version would print.  It did.

You can find the second version here:

If you can’t get this link to work enter a comment and I’ll post the letter here.

As I wrote back and told the editor, we should be very glad we still have a free press in this country and especially that newspapers run the “Letters” column.  Unlike the multitudinous emails TV news quotes (carefully picked from countless thousands) letters to the editor are unique in their ability to reach a community since they are not drowned out in the crowd nor are merely a flash on a screen for a few seconds but remain as a part of a print paper and an online archive forever.  That Americans can still send letters to the editor and get them published is one reason America is still a great country!

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New President. Now what?

Before I continue let me state the following?

I am a white man.  I live in the South in the most “southern” (as in southern attitude, not geographical location) part of East Texas.  I live in a mobile home.  Do not make assumptions based upon these facts.  By appearance and geography, my accent or even my colloquialisms one might mistakenly believe I am a “typical southern white man” or worse, a redneck.  Such is absolutely not the case.  I am neither Christian, prejudice, nor conservative.  Those do certainly go hand in hand in this part of the world.  I reject Christianity, detest prejudice and vehemently disagree with conservative politics.  I live here by accident of birth and lack of funds to escape.

Having said all that, I am not exhilirated nor hopeful of a “new America” this day after O’BamBam has taken office.

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