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New President. Now what?

Before I continue let me state the following?

I am a white man.  I live in the South in the most “southern” (as in southern attitude, not geographical location) part of East Texas.  I live in a mobile home.  Do not make assumptions based upon these facts.  By appearance and geography, my accent or even my colloquialisms one might mistakenly believe I am a “typical southern white man” or worse, a redneck.  Such is absolutely not the case.  I am neither Christian, prejudice, nor conservative.  Those do certainly go hand in hand in this part of the world.  I reject Christianity, detest prejudice and vehemently disagree with conservative politics.  I live here by accident of birth and lack of funds to escape.

Having said all that, I am not exhilirated nor hopeful of a “new America” this day after O’BamBam has taken office.

If you read back on this blog you’ll discover my choice for president was a good, kind man, one who is currently the governor of New Mexico: Bill Richardson.  Grudgingly I voted for Clinton.  I never liked the smug, schmarmy I-love-me Obama.  I am not thrilled he’s president.  I am relieved George has at last flown away.  (Would that his new home was far, far away from the best part of Texas!)

What will it take for the new president to impress me?  I will tell you but I am quite sure none of these will happen.  Here are my criteria for the first hundred days, give or take:

1. Order an immediate cease-fire in BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan.   Following that, order a complete withdrawal of all forces.  Make the withdrawal rapid and complete.

2. Turn all military installations in Iraq over to the Iraqi government after salvaging everything worth keeping and returning it to the U.S. to be used in non-military relief efforts.

3. Turn all military installations in Afghanistan over to the U.N. after, as above, salvaging the millions of dollars of American goods and equipment better used to help Americans in need at home.  No doubt the food stores from bases in those two countries would feed a great majority of Americans who are without work and hungry because of Bush’s wars.  A portion could be distributed to starving Iraqis and Afghanis displaced because of American barbarism.

4. Close Guantanamo immediately.  Repatriate every prisoner, offer a formal diplomatic apology to the heads of state of every prisoner for America’s flagrant violation of their sovereignty.  For the rare cases the individuals might be at Guantanamo for legitimate crimes rather than political or religious beliefs turn the individuals over to their own governments with the evidence gathered and allow that government’s judicial system to take care of it.  Any Americans held at Guantanamo should be immediately transported to the U.S. and granted immediate access to American courts or sumarily released with an apology, restoration, and restitution for harm done to them.

5. Arrest Dick Cheney immediately and charge him with treason, murder, and conspiracy for perpetrating the events of September 11.  All papers and personal property of  Cheney should be siezed.   Place restrictions on George Bush’s travel and sieze all presidential documents as well as all goods moved from the Whitehouse over the past year.  If justice is to be served Obama’s justice department would try and convict Cheney and all conspirators .  They should be executed or at the least placed in a SuperMax for the rest of their lives under American law.  If Bush is found to be a co-conspirator he, too, should be tried.  If, as I believe, he turns out to be a blackmailed patsy, he should merely be stripped of all the honor and benefits of having held the office of President and required to pay restitution for all damages relating to the events of 9/11 and the subsequent wars he forced upon the world.  This would include restitution to Iraqi and Afghan civilians as far as his personal worth will go.  I’m sure his daddy will put him up when the ranch is sold.

6. Order a complete restructuring of the  American military.  Built it into a defensive force based in the U.S.  Close all bases used offensive action around the world.  Establish and maintain relations with all nations where American bases remain in order to insure a friendly American presense, maintain the local economies dependent upon U.S. Bases, and convert unused facilities on foreign bases to humanitarian use.

7. Cancel all contracts for offensive weapons of destruction.  Re-negotiate a minimal number for affordable weapons systems necessary to maintain an effective, well trained defensive force.  Concentrate all military R & D on non-leathal weapons that prove harmless and do not inflict severe pain but are able to repel attacks.  This would use air blasts, water or audio.  Certainly not microwave technology.  These would be used only in a defensive action against a foreign enemy who has deliberately attacked the United States to prevent civilian casualties.  Such attacks would be virtually unheard of, though, if America was respecting the sovereignty and integrity of all nations as it should.

8. Clean house at the Pentegon.  All supporters of aggressive wars should be given early retirement or discharged.

9. Reduce the uniformed forces by a large margin.  Establish a practical reserve force.  Return all Guard units to the states.  Re-write existing law and regulations to make call up of National Guard units impossible except in extreme cases of national crisis where the sovereignty and soil of the nation is threatened.

10.  Repeal Homeland Security laws.  Eliminate intrusive regulations that violate American civil rights.  Eliminate any regulations or laws that allow for searches, seizures, trials and/or imprisonment without due process under the Constitution.

11. Repeal the “bailout bill.”  Develop repayment plans for companies who have received Federal funds.  Establish legitimate assistance for faltering businesses based upon a formula that requires the business to pay workers an adequate wage and provide medical benefits while reducing the salaries of upper management.  Upper management should receive income and benefits no higher than 100% that of the lowest paid worker.  Allow companies to provide travel, logistics and expenses for executives to allow for adequate operation of the company while not giving the executives the opportunity to live lavishly while its lowest paid employees live in near-poverty.  Finally, public corporations or private companies that accept federal assistance must voluntarily cap personal profits to share holders or owners at a reasonable amount.  Excessive profits should be turned back into the company.  These requirements should be mandatory and enforceable by  law in criminal courts.

12. Refocus federal efforts and funding to eliminating poverty, providing adequate health care, enforcing child abuse and spousal abuse laws.  The medical profession and pharmaceutical companies should be asked to reduce profits and turn excess income into a fund to provide health care for the uninsured.  If the profession and Big Pharma refuse the action should be forced by legislation.  If an amount equal to thirty to fifty percent of the profit the medical profession makes were put into the fund every American could be served.  By rolling profits into a fund to support those who have no insurance rather than developing a federal medical system the medical system will in effect be supporting itself and turning profits into more profits in an effective manner rather than simply providing lavish lifestyles for doctors while letting the poor die young and uncared for.

I could probably come up with some more but these actions would be nice.  If Obama would put half of these suggestions in action I would be impressed.

He won’t.  It’ll be business as usual.  The perps of 9/11 will walk.  Congress will stay Congress.  Americans will suffer.  Millions around the world will die at the hands of our military.  Nothing will change but names on doors.

Mark my words.

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