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How do you spell screwball?

R-e-l-i-g-i-o-u-s R-i-g-h-t

I mean, really. They’ve finally gotten their way in the Lufkin Daily News. All those nasty “liberals” have been cut off, after a few right wing nuts had a few nasty swipes at their favorite whipping post–me.

But the thing is, I really hope I didn’t look so ignorant and absurd when I was a conservative Christian. I fear I was. Arg.

Of course everything Christian conservatives are involved in is always a matter of God/devil, good/evil, or some kind of asinine prophecy.

Hey, religious person, go ahead and get mad at me. I know you will. Heaven help you (if there was a heaven) figure out how totally off the wall you are. You’ll find out some day but it’ll be too late for all the people you have hurt. Shame on you.

Anyway, today on CNN there was a video about a woman who blamed all the ills of the country on homosexuals and abortion.  How dumb can you get?  If God punishes countries because they are not being very Christian then why are the oil nations so rich?  Why is the insanely extravagant dubai not getting roasted with bolts of lightening from hell?

America has never been a “Christian” nation.  I wish Christians would get over it.  Really, I sound hateful and I’m sort’of sorry about it but those people are really annoying sometimes.  They need to get their head out of their good book and learn some real history.

Like this dorky thing from the Economist: According to the Virginian-Pilot, Mr Gingrich also “said the ties to religion in American government date to the Declaration of Independence, when Thomas Jefferson wrote that men are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights.”

Jefferson was NOT a Christian.  He did not believe in the supernatural.

This story is about how Nutt Gingrich and Huckabutt from Arkantsee are balming pagans for all of America’s troubles.  Of course that would include Buddhists like me.  Hmmpf.

I could go on and on but I just don’t have the time.  I have to go get my girl from school.

In the mean time write and complain or something, huh?

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I am so sorry!

I really am.  I should have STUPID IDIOT tattooed on my forehead.  I really cannot believe how totally stupid I was for so long.  How in hell could I be so blind, so deluded, so stupid?

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You Be The Judge – Update

After some consideration I chose to write another letter to the editor in place of the “over the top” version the editor rejected.  When I sent it in the editor returned an email saying, “much better.”  I knew then the second version would print.  It did.

You can find the second version here:

If you can’t get this link to work enter a comment and I’ll post the letter here.

As I wrote back and told the editor, we should be very glad we still have a free press in this country and especially that newspapers run the “Letters” column.  Unlike the multitudinous emails TV news quotes (carefully picked from countless thousands) letters to the editor are unique in their ability to reach a community since they are not drowned out in the crowd nor are merely a flash on a screen for a few seconds but remain as a part of a print paper and an online archive forever.  That Americans can still send letters to the editor and get them published is one reason America is still a great country!

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A’Palin politics

I make no apologies for that terrible header.

In the midst of my personal crises life goes on.  The world is stirred and shredded and battered by conflict, war, hatred, conflict,  cruelty.   Politics go on.  Struggle for Truth and stupid-think goes on.

This morning on Beliefnet I took another jab at the religious right’s insane attitudes and their crazy support for Palin.  I shall share that post preceded by a few pointed comments.

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