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I am so sorry!

I really am.  I should have STUPID IDIOT tattooed on my forehead.  I really cannot believe how totally stupid I was for so long.  How in hell could I be so blind, so deluded, so stupid?

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Temper, temper!

Morning. Sunshine. Clear skies. Nice.

Kids are working on math at the moment. Spelling test coming up. Oldest working on history. I’m piddling with the cowtippers site.

Fence seems to have held back the hoppitty hoards. Corn (what’s left) is intact.

The phone rang this morning. It was a bill collector. A tacky part of being poor is having to fend off bill collectors. They were calling for my wife. This is very rare. There are only two possibilities, that they’re calling from some medical billing place or Chrysler. Either way, the person got my goat! Continue reading

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