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Beyond the Palin

OK, so I have sworn off politics and religion and all other assorted thinking comments lately. Haven’t even been fired up to write a letter to the local paper. I’m not just burned out, I’m charcoal. Still, this bimbo VP pick of McCan’t the idiot has me really thinking people are totally beyond stupid.

I never bother listening to the “National Media.” Why bother? They produce crap and fluff according to their corporate owners and sponsors’ rules. Get some real news about the bimbo and you’ll either not believe it, prove how stupid you are, or be appalled at how insane politics can be.

God help us if the bimbo gets the top job. I WILL move out of the country then. Hell, Mexico would be better even with the drug wars.

The major points:

One. Preggo seventeen year old daughter. Ever heard of the word “parenting?”

Two. Wild west gun-toting killer.

Three. Self-serving egotistical former beauty queen used to getting her way and screws (not in a good way) anybody who objects.

FOUR – this is a big one – Palin believes God is on her side. Can you believe this bimbo is Assemblies of God? I sure can. The A/G I was once a happy member of sure has gone to crap. The Bimbo said the Iraq war was God’s idea and God’s doing and she asked for people to pray that God’s will be done and an oil pipeline be built in Alaska. I would respond, “God help us all” except that I sure don’t want Palin’s “god” to do anything at all. It has done plenty already.

There’s no shortage of information on the …oh how I want to use the other ‘b’ word… crazy bimbo.

Check this article out:

8 More Shocking Revelations About Sarah Palin has other stuff.  Just google news the bimbo and see what you get.  The crap will drip off your screen.

What the hell were those people in Alaska thinking. I suppose the guys voted her into office thinking it’d be the first time they’d have a hot governor they’d all like to boink! Talk about genitals overloading brains! For once they can say, “screw the governor” and really want to. Literally!

I have no doubt at all McCan’t chose the bimbo for her looks. How sexist! Ya think HE wants to boink, too? What a total damn shame how a pretty face gets its way in this country. Somebody mentioned the bimbo in the same sentence as Margaret Thatcher. If she LOOKED like Thatcher she’d still be chasing her husband around on his snow-mobile in her mukluks and not giving me a bad taste in my mouth.

Just when it seems things can’t get worse in this insane country they do. McCan’t the second WORST choice for president in the history of our country. Palin, his bimbo, gun-tot’in, God-quotin, lyin’, scheemin’, lousy parentin’ running mate is THE WORST.

I rarely say something like this but if you think the McCain / Palin ticket is worthy of your vote you are a stupid, blind, crazy fool. There’s probably no hope for you and no hope for this country.

Now let’s see if I wind up in a Bush/Homeland Security Gulag for my unkind words.

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  1. Amen! brother. I don’t know what’s scarier – Palin or the people who think she needs to be a heartbeat away. I heard a disturbing statistic on the radio this morning. A 72 year old man living in the U.S. has a 1 in 3 chance of dying before he’s 80. If McCain wins we’ll wind up with President Bimbo and she’ll be even worse than W.

    Comment by locutus | September 3, 2008

  2. I will leave the other things you said alone here – but I do want to take issue with the “parenting” issue because of her pregnant teenager. In the same way we have the freedom to make choices and mistakes – so do our kids. This really doesn’t have anything to do with parenting and can be the wrong choice of only a few seconds. It is not reflective of bad parenting in my opinion.

    Comment by justjuls | September 8, 2008

  3. Aw, come on Juls, I can take it! (*_*)

    It’s not so much the fact that Palin’s daughter is pregnant but that she proudly displays her daughter as her daughter is an angel at the same time that she claims to be a strong Evangelical Christian. THIS is the worst example of parenting.

    I recognize you are the parent of teen daughters who could get caught up in the “lusts of the flesh” to use an old-fashioned word. I, too, have a teen daughter and worry about that. I have not had her for her whole life so I have to find ways to teach her to keep out of those situations when her upbringing in an amoral home taught her something very different.

    Parents whose children are their own and have been raised from birth are far less likely to make mistakes if they’ve been taught *by example* the right way to live. No, that does not prevent them from making a mistake. Nor does it guarantee a kid will follow even when a parent has been perfect.

    BUT, parenting is a continuing process. It does not end with exemplifying the right way to live before something happens but the right way to respond AFTER a mistake is made. In Palin’s case she is parading her daughter around as if there was no mistake made. This sends the entirely wrong signal not only to her daughter but to the millions of pregnant teen girls.

    As a caseworker I had pregnant teens as clients seeking welfare and food stamps. Getting pregnant as a teen wrecks a life, usually, and always changes it and makes life much harder. The last message teens should get in this “screw-a-day” world is that “oops, I’m pregnant!” is no big deal and that there are no consequences and that the actions that brought it about where perfectly acceptable.

    If Palin had said, “my daughter made a mistake. She should not have been sexually active. Having a child at seventeen is not a good thing but I love her and we’ll work through this” I might have a tad bit more respect. Has she ever said that?

    The last thing is, Palin fails miserably as a “Christian” parent. I am not Christian and I would not approach my daughter’s lifestyle in the least as Christians would but Palin is being hypocritical in the way she professes devout Christianity and then basically flaunts the “sin” her daughter committed. Again, it’s the example more than the fact she has a pregnant seventeen-year-old.

    Though I find Evangelical Christian attitudes misguided (to say the least) I find the Evangelical ability to speak out of both sides of their mouth disgusting. It’s disturbing to think someone who might sit in the oval office can so easily be two-faced. This, too, is parenting.

    What too many parents never understand is that parenting begins the day their child arrives and ends the second they die. Parenting never ends. Setting the example, doing the right thing, respecting and loving and doing the best for our children, those duties never end.

    So on many levels considering the lies, the conduct, and the things Palin has done I stand by my belief that Palin is a horrific parent. The situation with her daughter is only one example.

    Comment by texasbohemian | September 8, 2008

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