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And So It Begins…

I’m doing it again. Just when I am completely wrung out and I just want to sit under a tree and contemplate life something in the world comes along and kicks me in the ass. This thing with the Bimbo, Palin, has done that. Not only am I amazed at how stupid McCan’t and Palin think Americans are, I’m incensed that they are right! Good lord, how shallow and uninformed can Americans be?

But I digress.

I digress. Now it begins… the Letters to the Lufkin Daily debate over this election. The last time I was really bantering over an election it was the liquor election and I was, as usual, making the local religious establishment mad at me. This time it looks like Palin and the election will get my name in the paper quite a bit.

I sent in a letter to the News which showed up online today. It’s below. Interestingly enough a letter showed up WITH it online as a response TO it. How that happened I haven’t a clue. Fast, huh? I sent my letter in a couple days ago. The response letter is so typical. MY response has been sent in, too. I’ve posted a draft of it at the bottom. There are links to the News letters under Palin Watch to the right.

Here they are. Enjoy!

In the Lufkin News, 091108:

The Lufkin Daily News

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The sudden shift for McCain now that he’s chosen Palin is beyond comprehension. Are voters completely unable to think about what the consequences would be if McCain/Palin actually took over the presidency? It’s bad enough that McCain himself offers nothing but more hardship, militarism, war and destruction of the economy. There’s more reasons than will fit on this page for why a continuation of the inane and insane policies of the last eight years should not continue.

But McCain’s running mate is a hundred times worse. Are Americans so shallow that the only qualifications a candidate needs is a pretty face? Or is it that all a candidate has to do is say what you want to hear, true or not? Obviously the national media show nothing but the darling beauty side of Palin but come on, people, find out more. This is a woman who, if elected, is a heartbeat away from becoming president. And in this case who can say how long that will be since McCain is the oldest to ever run for office? Does being mayor of a tiny suburb a couple years and governor of America’s third least populated state for a couple more years qualify Palin to lead a superpower? Never has a candidate been less qualified to serve as commander-in-chief or America’s leading diplomat.

This election will prove once and for all whether or not Americans deserve the freedom and liberty our forefathers sacrificed to give us. Act like citizens. Do the research. Learn the truth. Obama isn’t much of a choice, granted, but turning the White House over to an aged Washington insider promising more of the same and his sidekick with no experience, no qualifications, questionable ethics and following a fundamentalist faith only Falwell could love is just nuts. Do you really want to do that? Hello?

Now, the response:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

In response to Ted Gresham comments, what planet do you live on? You are the same person who a few weeks ago compared the U.S.A. to Nazi Germany. Palin has more experience than Obama, who is running for the number one position. Sure, she is a heartbeat away from the Presidency, but as things stand right now, I don’t see John McCain in an ICU unit in any hospital. Plus, Palin comes from Alaska, and is not a Washington D.C. insider like Obama, Biden and McCain. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but now will vote for McCain/Palin. This vote would have been cast in rejection of Obama instead of for McCain even if Palin had not come on the scene. With your outlook on the world and its problems, I know now that John McCain/Sarah Palin is the correct choice. Plus, you need to read your country history, so you can make common sense statements about where and how the U.S.A. evolved, and if this still does not help, then I’m available for tutoring classes. This statement includes the two from Zavalla who are always writing in their absurd comments.

Finally, the draft of my reply:

RE: “What Planet…,” Elton Simmons, News 091108

In answer to Mr. Simmons’ question, I am not sure what planet I came from. The way many people think in this country is beyond my comprehension. The volumes of information about Palin’s lack of qualifications to hold office are staggering. Even without them common sense should tell any American that nothing in her background qualifies Palin for a position as staff aid in the Whitehouse, much less president.

In typical fashion, Mr. Simmons chooses to attack the messenger rather than liberate his reader with facts. Of course, there are no facts to substantiate Mr. Simmons’ claim that Palin is more “qualified” than Obama. It’s absurd to think a former mayor of a town the size of Diboll for a mere two years and then governor of the third-smallest state in population, a state far removed from America’s mainstream, provides Palin the kind of knowledge and expertise gained by United States Senators. Even the mainstream press has a hard time covering up the fact that Palin knows diddle about the America she wants to run.

Mr. Simmons’ offer to be a tutor is kind but I already have a history degree that focused on 20th Century American History. I will say without qualms that I am better informed about this nation than Palin and would make a better candidate. I know exactly how this nation evolved, all parts of it, and I understand a great deal about the political machines that have controlled it. I do not get my information from some talking head on the TV but from countless hours studying in a university library and in extensive research.

Mr. Simmons says, “With your outlook on the world and its problems, I know now that John McCain/Sarah Palin is the correct choice.” This has to the silliest statement I’ve ever read. A vote to spite me? How funny. At least I HAVE an outlook, Mr. Simmons. Palin doesn’t. Nor much of an education in American history. Perhaps you should offer to tutor her? There are many nuggets about Palin that could be mentioned here but let me conclude with a quote by one who was a huge Bush supporter for many years, former New York mayor Ed Koch: “…Palin is a plucky, exciting candidate, but when her record is examined, she fails miserably with respect to her views on the domestic issues that are so important to the people of the U.S., and to me. Frankly, it would scare me if she were to succeed John McCain in the presidency.” (Quote from “8 More Stories,” I can only say, me too!

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