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Here it comes

Thunderstorms. Some of the storms could produce heavy rain. High near 81. Windy, with a east wind 45 to 50 mph increasing to between 70 and 75 mph. Winds could gust as high as 95 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%.

Haven’t seen that in the local forecast lately.  And we’re 150 miles from the beach.

I guess we won’t be going to Galveston this week.  Hope it’s there to go to next week.  I love going to Galveston.

Of all the times I’ve watched storms approach this is the first time I’ve gotten emotional.  I feel like crying.  You think it’s because I’m in bad pain or are the pains caused by my sadness?

Either way, I have a very, very bad feeling about this storm.  I love Texas.

Anybody got a big, big, BIG fan we can blow this damn thing back out to sea with?

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9/11 and History

Watch me go out here on this limb and loose my credibility (and maybe get myself on that Homeland Security black list–if it isn’t there already).

Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack… . Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view… . Some believed it was the work of God Himself… . Several extremists are tried, found guilty… a memorial is built to canonize their victims.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government…. The rest, as they say, is history.~ – V

Last night the kids and I watched a movie called “V. for Vendetta”. It was a four-hour movie on FX about a dark, masked “terrorist” who was actually trying to break a totalitarian regime that had overtaken Britain. I’d never heard about it before. It was dark, brooding, terrifying, and fatalistic. And it has some interesting parallels to 9/11.

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And So It Begins…

I’m doing it again. Just when I am completely wrung out and I just want to sit under a tree and contemplate life something in the world comes along and kicks me in the ass. This thing with the Bimbo, Palin, has done that. Not only am I amazed at how stupid McCan’t and Palin think Americans are, I’m incensed that they are right! Good lord, how shallow and uninformed can Americans be?

But I digress.

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Update on the home front

Last evening my wife and I had a heart-to-heart with our daughter. Shall I dare to hope? Getting through to her is like trying to get to the chocolate in a tootsy roll pop made of granite. We got a few words, though. That was something.

The sad thing is that my daughter, like so many in this world, live with fear. A life dictated, guided, and directed by fear isn’t much of a life. Fear is insidious. It’s mean and cruel. If not overcome it will inflate and infiltrate every part of the mind. Fear gives tyrants and the Bush/Cheney’s of the world power. And fear continues to maintain a wall between my beloved daughter and us. Maybe we chipped away at that wall a little last night. I hope so.

On a practical side, we decided to give her a “glimpse” of life in the real world. She has only a couple of years before she’ll have to face the world as an adult. We’ve cajoled, nudged, talked, done all we could do to get her to do a little growing up. Having failed, we’re now going to try the direct approach.

Here’s the experiment: for one month she will be “employed” by us as housekeeper. She’ll work regular hours, have assigned tasks, and be free when she’s not on the clock. We’ll pay her real wages based upon the current minimum wage. From that wage we’ll deduct all the expenses she would have to pay out if she were living alone. She’ll pay “rent” based upon the cheapest rooms in town. She’ll “pay” for meals, for entertainment, and everything else one has to pay for when one lives alone. At the end of the month, hopefully, she’ll have an idea of how difficult life is and how important it is that she knuckle down, improve her education, and make herself able to find and keep a job that pays better than the minimum.

We’ll see how this goes. When I turned sixteen and went to work I was pretty much on my own. I lived with my parents but I was very independent. Even though we’ve tried to talk, to explain, and to educate our daughter she’s stayed extremely dependent upon us. Our goal with this experiment is not only to show how life is “out there” but to show her she can learn to be self-sufficient and, maybe, we’ll shake loose some of that fear she has. I’ll update as things progress.

As to the betrayal and deception my wife has restricted her to her room for a few days with writing and thinking assignments. I do not know how things will go in the next few days and weeks in the trustworthiness department. Only time will tell. Till then I’ll just have to keep a closer watch on phones and stuff. Sad.

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