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On Palin and America

I’ve not had much time to read or reflect on the world at large. Like most people with a brain and the ability to see through the bullshit I’ve watched in horror as Americans with no brains and who thrive on bullshit suck up the crap the right wing is throwing at them. For God’s sake–for America’s sake–why in the hell won’t you people listen?

I know I am blowing in the wind. In my last post I think I mentioned something about how my brother the fundamentalist and I got into a squabble at the Whataburger over “religion.” I think I did. Anyway, he is a devout Evangelical quasi-fundamentalist. He’s not a pure fundamentalist any more since he does attempt to follow a bit of logic and he does go a short way into using his brain. But he is as brainwashed as every other Evangelical. He is as brainwashed as I was. It is highly doubtful that he will ever understand Truth. His mindset is the same as those who continue to believe the incredible –and highly verifiable–pack of lies being sold to Americans about 9/11, the war, the economy and everything else.

Not until I had fully exited Evangelicalism did I begin to realize how I had been brainwashed. Wikepedia:

“Brainwashing (also known as thought reform or as re-education) consists of any effort aimed at instilling certain attitudes and beliefs in a person — beliefs sometimes unwelcome or in conflict with the person’s prior beliefs and knowledge.”

Few systems in this world are more adept at “instilling certain attitudes and beliefs in a person” better than Evangelical Christianity and especially fundamentalist Christianity. Like my brother loves to say: “I believe in one thing: Jesus Christ and him crucified.” His entire focus is that and it is a laser focus guided by countless sermons, speeches, books, magazines, videos and songs. The web of complexity within the Christian church is absolutely amazing. It’s an invisible web to those within and an unknown web to those who have never entered. Only when someone exits are they able to see the tangled wires and focussed thoughts and directed actions that keep the fold together. Cajoling, guilt, fear, self-righteous attitudes, condescending attitudes, these are the tools the church fathers have used for more than fifteen hundred years. They remain the cornerstone of Christendom. The person Jesus whom they call the Christ was lost in this malaise many centuries ago. So was the Truth about his person, his mission, and his reasons.

But this post did not start out about Christianity, it started out about Palin. So why did I go here? The answer to that lies in who the evil Bimbo is and where she fits in the scheme of things. That Evangelicals will suck up such inane crap as she is promoting and that so many Americans can be so absolutely stupid to fall for the McCan’t / Palin line of thought are two very good examples of how the Great Manipulators who put Bush in office continue to use the same techniques inside those gilded cathedrals and among the millions meeting in home-groups or listening to self-serving, rich and evil-minded “Christian” talking heads are using Christian brainwashing techniques to continue the evil plunge to totalitarianism. (wow, what a sentence!)

Like I said before, I just don’t have time to sit at this keyboard and work through the articles and materials I’d like to nor to expound more on the horrific path we’re headed down. Even as I write I’m rushing to get the kids up and headed out the door. But just as we’re in a frantic rush to get busy with our responsibilities and duties (I’m helping my paw-in-law tear down that house and my mom is lying within months of death from cancer in the hospital) I am frantic in trying to understand how to deal with what we’re facing as a nation.

It ain’t pretty.

Visit Google the news for Palin. Read for yourself. Don’t be stupid.

I really want you to understand what I am writing. I really, REALLY want you to wake up. My brother will not listen to a word I have to say since I have once and for all rejected my Christian heritage. I am “the enemy.” I am “doomed to hell.” I am now unworthy. You who will read this and hold that right-wing mind set, continue to listen to the lies and propaganda, continue to believe those Christian talking heads, continue to believe Al Queda pulled off 9/11, continue to make your faithful trek to Sunday services, weekly meetings and so forth, you, too, will completely dismiss my words as those of a “hateful liberal.” If you’ve even read this far you’ve done so looking for ways to attack. Everything I say in earnest concern will be ignored.

I am not hateful. I am love-full. I am broken hearted. I am the saddest of sad.

A friend of mine wrote me a letter recently after reading this blog. She wrote: “You write about politics, your family, the storm …. and what I miss is something positive. Is it gone with the wind?” Pretty much, dear friend, it is gone with the wind. It’s gone with a hurricane; not one named Ike but one named conservatism and fueled by a blazing ideology called Neo-Con.

According to the Gospels Jesus stood above Jerusalem and mourned the condition Jews were in, that he would like to “gather them like a hen gathers chicks.” Christians have forever missed the point of that passage. The lost-ness of the Jews was not the lostness of not knowing him, it was the oppression and imprisonment of the being brainwashed by the Jewish leaders. Christians don’t recognize that church fathers continued and perpetuated the same form of brainwash, merely adding the twist of “Jesus the Christ” to the mix. No doubt Jesus feels the same way today.

Likewise, I mourn the loss of this nation that once was. It has bought a pack of lies and now slips down slowly to oblivion. Palin is just the pretty front of the evil seeping through our nation. God dammit, people, why can’t you see that?

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    Comment by texasbohemian | September 28, 2008

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