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Still Here Update 2:08 PM

11:30 AM

Wind is bloing.  Go figure.

Don’t know what the wind speed is.  Crap blowing all over the place but the house hardly feels like there’s any wind.  The trees block all the wind.

We have the car running at the moment charging the power supply and running the notebook comp at the same.  A big limb just whacked the roof.  Family jumped.  There’s the top of a tree on the ground across the yard.  We’re listening to a local station that’s taking calls from locals.

Sheesh.  I never listen to a local station except the PBS station.  Gawdagummit I no whuy, too.  Shute, these hee-haws send me.

I took a few pics.  Didn’t get it uploaded.  I’ll try later.

So, ok, I was just checking in.

2: 08 PM

Wind still blowing.  Not a lot of rain.  We’ve had a chance to go out and snoop around.  Not real pretty.  House still intact but can’t say the same for the trees around here.  Across the yard a tree from the neighbor’s patch fell nortward towards us.  It took out a very big pine and they both crashed.  Not near the house, though.  It’s going to be a challenge, though, ’cause the pine is snapped in the middle like a tooth-pic a good 50′ above the ground.  It is maybe a 18″ tree at the base, give or take.

More troublesome is a tree down our road.  Our house is a quarter mile from the main road.  Our road goes down through a creek bed and then back up a hill.  There’s a tree of very large size across our road about 800′ or so from us.  Can’t see the creek or beyond, just a huge tree.  Anybody got a chain saw?

Another big oak fell on my wife’s uncle’s land, maybe 24″ base.  If it’d fallen west instead of north west I would not have a shop any more.  You would have heard me cry.

Radar shows a whole lot of wind an storms still headed our way.  Fun.

It’s hot here.  Power went out at 8 this morning.  My wife is now dishing out our rather soft icecream.  Pretty good!  We’re going to have to evaluate what to do with the rest of the cold stuff.  We froze some water bags so we have ice for a couple days.

With Rita we had power out several days.  I would not be surprized if we don’t have to get along for a couple weeks here.  Maybe not.  I’m already going into HDTV withdrawal!  This cell modem is way too damn slow.

So, anyway, I’ll quit.  The battery is getting low again.  Gotta charge it.  Updates when I can get them… and pics!

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