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Passion and Politically Correct

I’ve always had a problem with passion. No, I don’t mean romantic or sexual passion but passion for beliefs and points of view and morals and ethics and standards.

The problem is, I just can’t *not* have a point of view or keep my mouth shut. Somehow I got the idea when I was a wee lad that it is everyone’s duty and responsibility to stand up for righteousness and Truth. I have done that. And it has cost me dearly. I’ve lost several jobs and a couple of careers. I’ve become a pariah in my home town for writing letters to the editor. Never once was my intention to be mean or cruel or unkind. I simply did what my conscience said do. In the process I have pushed myself into oblivion.

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Where do I start?

The real world has been quite confusing. The online world not much different. The world at large still going to hell in a handbasket. And I just finished my coffee so maybe there’s a little time before life awakes.

The doc gave mixed signals about my mom’s surgery. Maybe she’ll do fine, maybe not. She probably needs to have the kidney out… but not if she’s going to die soon. She’s 86, you know. So. The surgery went well after all. No complications. She was out of the ER by noon, Monday. to ICU by 4pm. Into a room yesterday.

Yesterday, though, things went south. Not with the surgery but our relationship. Or maybe I’m just over-medicated? Well, no, not exactly. I went by to see my mom in the morning then came back home to get some things done. Around noonish I got calls from siblings that mom was in a room. A couple hours later while I was working in the shop my mom called from her room.

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