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Coming Home

vihara Today I sat with a group of Sri Lancan people, put my hands together, and paid homage to Buddha.

I was privileged to be able to take part in the wonderful ceremony of Vesak, the day Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing.

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Houston Buddhist Vihara

Buu Mon Temple – Port Arthur

Vesak – Buddha Day

In the morning a new friend and I stood with the rest of the celebrants around the perimeter of the great hall while children made their way about the room bearing gifts for Buddha.  It was a Dana ceremony.  Later I enjoyed a wonderful meal and good conversation.  In the afternoon Bhikkhu Rahula, who had graciously invited me to the event, gave a Dhamma talk.  His words were wise and informative.

I hope I got everything correct.  I have much to learn about the cultural aspects of Buddhism.

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