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Friday Night

Go figure.  Plans were to have some dinner and watch a movie with the kids while my wife went with her dad to the football game.

Plans change.

I sat down at my desk to check on mom.  She had a guy nurse today I wasn’t impressed with this morning.  Well, he wasn’t available.  I checked back ten or so minutes later and the charge nurse said, “were you calling about your mother falling out of the bed?”


No, I told her, it was news to me.  The nurse didn’t call.  Was I pissed or what?  Incompetent bozo.  I called my wife who picked me and the kids up.

Doc didn’t come to examine her.  He should have.  I told the floor nurse I didn’t want the twirp nurse back in here.  She watched mom until shift change.

The doc pulled mom’s NG tube out today.  It was too early.  She’s been barfing all evening.  I’ve caught gobs in towels and rags and she’s been changed a dozen times.  I fear the tube will need to go down again.  I doubt very seriously she’ll be able to do without it.

Mom  has another problem.  She has an infection with a really nasty bug they’re not sure how to kill.  Four of their strongest antibiotics did nothing.  The warnings are to wear gloves or wash hands, avoid contact, etc.  Well, it’s impossible to avoid contact and gloves are a bit useless.  When she’s barfing she’s barfing.  She got me good in the face a while ago.  If I’m going to catch that thing I will.

I had hoped my older sister was going to come give some relief.  They live in AR and have been fussing about not having the dough to come back.  Finally they got here but the warnings (see above) spooked her off.  So, she and her insane redneck husband have gone to the gambling boat over in LA.  Ahh, so much for money, eh?  I’m going to tell her to go on back to AR.

My younger sister doesn’t have the stomach for watching mom.  She can’t handle it, mentally or emotionally, either.  My brother has a very bad back and can’t travel down here or do much.

So, here I sit.  Mom is waving her arms doing who knows what, mumbling, slipping into lahlah a little more.  Sleeping too, I hope.

My mom loves me.  I love her too.  The thing is, life was hell when I was a kid.  She has always been self-centered and was abusive when I was a kid.  She’s always been a hypochondriac and demanded attention.  She gave my dad hell all the time I was growing up.  I could go on but there’s not much use.  She’s my mom and whatever has happened was yesterday.  I forgive completely.  Today is the day we live in and today I love mom and she needs me.  So, like I said, here I sit.

I’m not crying.  Not yet.  Not tonight.  Just sad that Mom has gone away into her head and we’re really wondering if she’ll ever come back.

Oops, there she goes again.

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