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These days time to get at the keyboard is very short.  I put my mom in the hospital last week.  I’ve been hauling old timber/lumber from a house my paw-in-law is tearing down to do some building around here.  And I volunteered (stupid me) to help with the tearing.  Yesterday I took my wife to the doc over in Nacogdoches, gone half a day, and then met with all my siblings (small miracle having them all here) to write a letter telling the doctors to do what the should do.

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Middle Day …obligations!

Still here!

Yesterday I had a bad case of the “don’ts.”  Ever get those?  Like, “screw it, I just DON’T!”  Don’t want to… whatever.  Goof off.  I’d better get busy today or I might catch it again! Continue reading

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