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“Jesus Saves” or Jesus Slaves?

Catchy, huh?  I was dragging the net and had this inspirational bit pop into my head.  I may have seen it somewhere, I don’t know.  Like my daughter says, I have “short memory loss.”

But what does it mean?

I’ve been walking around thinking to myself.  Nothing unusual.  But the question I’ve had to ask is, am I “anti-Christian?”  The answer is, yeah, probably so.

Anti-Christian and “antiChrist” are two very different things.  The “AntiChrist” is supposedly a guy who will take over the Christian church (except for a few who are not so stupid as to think he is Jesus) and the world.  It’s all part of absurd end-times mythology, another blog subject.  Anti-Christian means being opposed to Christians or Christianity or Christian doctrine.  I’m not particularly opposed to “Christians,” unless they try to get in my face or judge me, but I am quite opposed to the religion called Christianity and entirely opposed to Christian doctrine.

So what does the title mean, “‘Jesus Saves’ or Jesus Slaves?”  Just this.  Are Christians just “sinners saved by grace” or are they slaves to a belief system that has them locked into a world view that holds them in a vice and won’t let them out?  I suggest the latter is true.

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