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I am a MORON!

…and I am proud to be!

Wear the T-Shirt! Be a Moron for Peace!

Wear the T-Shirt! Be a Moron for Peace!

Why?  Because I oppose war.

Two letters in the Lufkin Daily News recently caught my attention.  The first, by a guy named Scot Skipper, was one I could agree with, mostly.  He wrote about the need to honor soldiers who gave their best efforts for the nation.  I can go with that.  He also wrote that the way Vietnam Vets were treated was horrible.  I agree.

But then he blew it.

Skipper wrote this: “I saw a T-shirt today which said, ‘I’m opposed to the next war.’ What a moron.”  He followed up with this: “What if Iran nuked us, would you still be opposed?”

Of course I would.  Buddha said you can’t get rid of hate with more hate.

Then there was the letter by a guy named Larry Winthrop.  Winthrop took issue with the numbers I gave in the last letter to the editor.  “Only 100,000” have died in the war, he said.  ONLY?!  Then he spends a long time telling the wonderful happenings in Iraq and how we have helped rebuild and restore the country.  All this restoration was because of what?  Maybe that little war?  And I’m a moron?

(See the Letter to the Lufkin Daily News updates at right, dated 060109.)

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