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Sunday Mourning

OK, maybe it’s not that bad.  But it’s not good.  There is a genetic quirk in my family that drives us to do more than we should and sometimes be a little careless.  No, the word is not careless, it’s, um, maybe uncautious?  I know, that’s a ‘red underline’ word, but whatever.  Anyway, the point is, I have moved from keyboard to shop, mental to physical, cool to hot, over the past week or so and I am paying for it big-time today.  My fingers are tingling, wrists stiff, arms hurt, knees ache.  PPPM!

That quirk of genetics is sort of a “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” kind of mentality.  It’s the Git’er Done syndrome.  So if something needs moved, picked up, shoved, drug, or created if I am in the least able to do it, I do it.  Sometimes the doing is a bit more than my old body should do.  And sometimes there are nails, screws, or assorted protrusions that are well positioned to take bits of me with them.  My right thumb is somewhat sore today thanks to a screw on the bottom of a board I was using as a Frisbee at the dump the other day when I was delivering refuse with my boy.  But then my thumb would not be suffering if we’d remembered the new gloves we bought a couple days earlier!

When I’m doing work I hardly notice most ailments.  My busted knee crunches and I go on.  The screwed up nerves in my back call for more attention so I pause on occasion to give them obeisance.  Otherwise the shit only hits the fanny when I stop for the evening.  Or wake up in the morning.  Thus this post.

I sound like my mother.  She had a rather happy disposition but there was never a time she did not complain about some ailment.  She was, in a word, a hypochondriac.  Maybe I inherited that trait too.  Or maybe she really was suffering more than we believed.  Moving into antiquity as a human being is just no fun at all.

So anyway, the coffee cup is empty.  I MUST refill it for there is no life without it.  The Ibuprofen and Gabby are working fairly well if not optimal.  And time is wasting so I shall move on.

July 3, 2011 - Posted by | Blather

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