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Happy Fourth of July!

The United States of America, may they rest in peace.

This day people in a nation called America celebrate the birth of a country that for all intents and purposes died September 11, 2001.

On that day the nation’s greatest tragedy born of the world’s greatest deception recreated the United States into a fake republic ruled by corporate interests who continue to destroy our freedoms and disregard our Constitution.  America has become an empire led by elitists, driven by greed, fed by hatred, controlled by a government that has once and for all times destroyed everything America ever stood for that was right and good.

I know, I sound like a real nutcase.  Whatever.  If you refuse to believe it and have your head swirled around and stuck up … etc.  …I can’t help it.  The truth is as obvious as the nose of your face, just maybe impossible for you to see because your nose is in the dark.

If what we’re living in is an example of God blessing America would you people PLEASE quit asking for blessings!  I can’t take much more.

This wasn't from a Black Cat!

This wasn't from a Black Cat!

Happy holiday, everybody.  And to celebrate, why not hold a Black Cat firecracker in your hand tightly and light the fuse.  Get a tiny glimpse of the pain victims of wars we started experience.  Of course a firecracker will just pop your hand open, not take it off.

While you’re celebrating your wonderful holiday with an abundance of hot dogs, burgers, chips and soda, think about a few folks who aren’t quite so joyous on this day.

Afghan kids in camp

Afghan kids in camp

YOUR president has taken it upon himself to send troops to Afghanistan while still loading down Iraq with American imperialism.  Afghanistan is a poor country full of refugee camps.  Life is harsh for Afghans under the best of circumstances.  It’s far worse in those camps.

Meanwhile back in town the right wing religious folks sing the praises of our “Christian” founding fathers–not true but what can I say?  I’ll bet there won’t be a single one of these pictures on display, just lots of red, white and blue and plenty of uniforms.

Today I sit quietly writing on this blog while my family has gone to one of my wife’s families’ reunion.  I find celebrating difficult when I know the America I was born in and have been a citizen of for so long has betrayed its citizens and become the imperialistic power we fought against in the 1770’s.  We’re the new “British” empire.  If our founding fathers saw what we’ve become they’d roll over in their graves.

Happy Fourth of July.  May your day be everything it is not for the millions whose homes and lives America has destroyed all around the world and especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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