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I was rude about the Tea party.

So I changed this post.  Well, a little bit anyway…

I was just telling my wife (who I tend to annoy with my political ranting) these right wing religious nutball “tea parties” are the latest and most asinine of all the things right wing confused and crazy people have ever cooked up.

The Lufkin Daily Anti-News carried the story about our local Fourth of July celebration at the park and zoo.  It describes Angelina County’s tea party being held at the Expo Center, a covered, open air arena close by.  I have little doubt it’s going to be a very disgusting religious festival celebrating everything wrong with this country.

They’re going to celebrate how Christian this country is when it is not.  They’re going to praise the military who at the moment are fighting two illegal and immoral wars.  They’re going to blame O’Bambam for “a violent assault on freedom in this country” when they are responsible for supporting the regime who destroyed our freedoms and a president who said the constitution was “just another piece of paper.”

Ted Cruz is a speaker at the rally.  He’s been going around defending displays of the Ten Commandments in Texas.  How ironic that conservatives go to so much trouble to demand a “right” to display their religious artifact when they pay no attention to what it says!  Go figure.

Cruz has all the impressive credentials conservatives can drool over, having been before the Supreme Court to fight for such ignoble rights as the ability to “keep and bear arms,” those ten commandments cases and that horrible rape of Texas rights called the redistricting plan of 2003.  He loves killing, too, having fought against Texas’ right to kill convicted murderers.

A woman named Jessica Hughes is one of the speakers.  She claims to have been “roughed up” by “Obama’s Goon Squad” according to Conservative Politics Daily because she was nasty to an Obama campaign worker and was said to have threatened him.  (Of course if the shoe had been on the other foot and the threat had been implied against Bush or McCan’t right wingers would have praised the secret service but what can I say?  Stupid is as stupid does.)

Another speaker is a guy named Bruce Green, direct from service with the radical religious right’s American Family Association as part of their legal hit squad.  Under the guise of “Family Values” the AFA would have it that all America dance to the Southern Gospel of their religious tradition.  Green fought for the “right” of religious fanatics (yeah, I used to be one, and I am SO sorry!) to get in people’s faces with religious propaganda.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting family values, I teach them to my children.  I agree that abortion is wrong, sexual promiscuity is wrong, and with a few other positions held by AFA.  What I do not agree with and never will is that a religious person has a right to get in my face with their religious propaganda, call me names, or deny my right to be non-Christian.  The AFA and Donald Wildman are selfrighteous bigots.  So is Green.

Another nutcase scheduled to rally the right wing today is Dr. Brian Babin, an old Tom DeLay buddy (author of the above-mentioned redistricting rape) and user of shady financing to run for office in the nineties.  He’s one of those gun loving crazy people who, according to some reports, has his own private arsenal.

Aside: Doesn’t the Ten Commandments say, “thou shall not kill?”  So what is the purpose of all those right wing held arsenals?  I suppose shooting enemies does not count as killing, huh?  It has never mattered that American troops have been killing recklessly, illegally and continuously for eight years and continue to do so.  I suppose the Right Wing wants the ability to shoot my family and me, too, if we get in their way of dominating this once free nation?

All I need to know this guy is anti-American is that when his name is googled it pops up over and over alongside the name of Tom DeLay.  But then Doc Babblin is pretty well known around these parts anyway.

Jordan Flournoy is going to speak, too.  He’s an up and coming rightwing defender of conservative craziness, son of local realtor Tom Flournoy, part of Lufkin’s upper crust.  The Diboll free Press reported last year that the boy “turned down an offer from the Houston firm in order to take a Blackstone Fellowship with the Alliance Defense Fund, a religious liberties firm based in Phoenix. Jordan [went] to “school” in Phoenix for two weeks in June to study natural law and learn how to practice as a Christian lawyer in a secular world.” (Diboll Free Press, April 2, 2008)  Yippee.

Topping off this right wing extravaganza are choirs from assorted churches no doubt singing every religious patriotic song they could find while slapping a couple million Americans like me who are not Christian smack in the face with their religious ideals.

When I told my wife about this extravaganza she said, “there’s somewhere we can go!”

I said I’d go over to Wally World Empire Store and get some posterboard, make a few signs, and I’d go.  She said never mind.  Ha.

I do not hate religious right wing crazy people.  I do not wish them ill.  What I do is feel sorry for them.  They are brain washed by their religion and those unscrupulous, self serving liars they place on pedestals and call great.  Dobson, Wildmon, Robertson on the religious side, Limbaughdung and Fox News on the political side.  No, I don’t hate them.  I don’t like their politics and their religious views are offensive to me but they have every right to have those beliefs.  What they do not have a right to do is shove them up my nose, which is what they want to do.

My wife asks why I even read up on these crazy people.  Why get myself all worked up?  I answer that as long as I am stuck in the middle of them and have to suffer their in-your-face insults, bigotry, self righteousness and hatred (they do hate me, sad to say) I have little choice.  I keep suggesting to my wife we leave this bastion of right wing extremism and move to an island.  I promised her all I’d do all day on my computer is play Spider Solitary.  Ah, heaven is a world without religious fanatics or political bigots!  I have yet to convince her.  I hope we escape, however, before those mean-spirited “Christian” people start burning houses and loading up all those guns to get rid of us “evil” influences.

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