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The Hypocrite

No doubt the editors of the Lufkin Daily News print some letters merely for entertainment.  A letter directed to me in this morning’s Sunday edition is a case in point.

A woman by the name of Sharon Farringer wrote a letter “in answer to Ted Gresham’s letter on Sunday, May 24,” saying, “get off it and wake up buddy.  You are a hypocrite.”  The words that follow are the screwiest collection of right wing fanaticism I’ve read in some time.

It is very sad that there are people like Ms. Farringer, so totally deluded and filled with lies and hate by right wing idiots, bigots, and self-serving religious twits.  Hate is such an ugly emotion.  Prejudice is awful.  I do not resent Ms. Farringer.  I feel sorry for her and the many thousands in East Texas who are exactly like her.

Since Ms. Farringer concluded her letter with the words, “let me hear your views on these or more,” I shall oblige her request.  I’ve written a letter to the paper (see Update 061409 at right) but there’s no way the LDN would print a complete reply there.  Thus I shall reply here.

The best way to respond is to place the letter below and tackle each part separately.  Here goes:

LETTER: Place blame where it belong

By Sharon Farringer

Sunday, June 14, 2009 [Lufkin Daily News]

In answer to Ted Gresham’s letter on Sunday, May 24: Get off it and wake up buddy. You are a hypocrite. They (Iraq) put the United Nations off from going into Iraq to check for bombs; it gave Saddam time to move them to Iran. Then they allowed the UN to go in. There are wars and rumors of wars.

Ms. Farringer, I fail to understand how speaking out against a war that has already claimed the lives of a million people, continues to bring death and destruction every day, and shows no sign of ending makes me a hypocrite.  Does caring for human beings make me such?  Then I shall be proud to be one.

You are misinformed–to say the least.  There never were any WMD’s in Iraq.  If there had been don’t you think Saddam would have used them on our troops?  How stupid would it have been to have the means to stop an invasion and not use it?

There’s no way Saddam sent weapons to Iran.  You should do a little research.  Iran and Iraq have been mortal enemies for a long time.  They fought a war, you know (with Iraq using American supplied weapons).  The first place Iran would use such weapons would have been on Iraq.

Yes, there are “wars and rumors of wars.”  They continue because we let them.  It’s cowardly and self-righteous to blame wars on anyone else other than ourselves and it’s immoral to let them continue because or religious rhetoric.

You want to blame the United States of America. Why don’t you start by telling about 12 million illegals (criminals) and their gangs that get taxpayers’ Social Security, Medicaid, education, housing etc. that adds up to more than any war in Iraq costs. More than 250 died every day because of them.

Of course I blame the U.S.  Whether a family is blown to bits by a suicide bomber or by an American bomb, the war continues because our government wants it to continue.  Our government wants it to continue because the deep pockets who are making fortunes, specifically American defense contractors, want it to continue.

Do not be fooled.  American corporations are all intertwined.  The Defense Industry is a branch of mega-corporations who are also putting food on your grocery shelves, making your electronic trinkets, and affecting your life in hundreds of ways including and especially handing you your news through all the major media outlets.

Linking illegal immigration to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is bizarre.  One has nothing to do with the other.  Nevertheless, I will try to respond to your words.

Only a tiny fraction who are illegal are in any way “criminal” other than being here illegally.  If our government would make half an effort it could solve the problem and legitimize a workforce that is greatly needed in this nation.  Even with high unemployment as we have now few non-hispanics are willing to do the kind of very low wage stoop labor Hispanics do.  Shame on us for exploiting them!  But the truth is, Ms. Farringer, our Hispanic neighbors, legal or not, deserve far more credit for the work they do for us than they get.

Did it ever occur to you, Ms. Farringer, that if they wanted to Hispanics could probably take over this state in a matter of hours or days?  The sheer number of Hispanics is such that were they to organize and attempt to seize power we could do little to stop them.  There are enough legal Hispanic citizens in Texas to completely uproot every elected official if they voted as a block.  But they don’t want to take over, they just want jobs and to live at peace with their family.  I respect their work ethic and admire their culture.  I am always ashamed and embarrassed as a white person when I hear such awful words as you spoke.

Why don’t our elected officials get up off their duffs as well as the American people and stop this war? Why don’t you know or do anything about this?

Indeed, why!?  Why don’t you?  Rather than throwing stones at me and calling me names why not stand up with me to end the war?  All other issues aside, as a Christian (I’m assuming you are from your letter) is it not your duty to teach peace?  I am and have for many years taken a stand for truth, righteousness and peace.  I have seen many, many letters, read articles and heard commentators and right wing radicals rant.  Such hatred and bitterness!  I am sorry that you have such feelings in your heart.  There is a better way.

I know a great deal about the war and all these subjects.  I have and will continue to do all I can.  What have you done, Ms. Farringer, other than write an unkind letter?  What do you know?  Not much from what your letter indicates.

Stop welfare. Make people go to work, show a pay stub and pay for their baby sitters and drug tests. There’s people who need welfare badly, but most have learned to use the system.

Here’s another one of those incomprehensible statements from someone who has no clue, apparently, what the truth is.  I was a welfare/food stamp caseworker for more than three years.  I know first hand the hardships and handicaps welfare recipients live under.  In many cases welfare recipients DO have to provide pay stubs or loose their benefits.  The few hundred dollars welfare gives are not even available if there’s much income on that stub.  Welfare does not provide enough to live on either.  It never has.

Food stamps allow families to eat but does not pay rent, child care, transportation or the many other things a family needs to survive.  There is sometimes child care assistance but only during the day and only to the few who are fortunate enough to get help before the budget runs out of money.  Most low income jobs welfare recipients qualify for are NOT daytime jobs.  Thus a welfare parent is caught between the need to work and the need to find someone to keep their children.

If you’ll look into this situation instead of being so heartless and cold blooded, Ms. Farringer, you’ll see that often when a parent is forced to work children get left with unqualified sitters or relatives or may be left at home alone, thus leading to abuse and neglect charges.  But if the parent does not go to work and the children have nothing because of it the parent is still accused of neglect.  And you want to rip away the only minuscule safety net those parents have?

What about disgraceful smears about America from the UN? What about the North American Union, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. as one? What about using taxpayers dollars for homosexual art or so-called AIDs awareness programs, while senior citizens get a total of $63 and your elected officials get $550.22 per month? What about the UN panel endorsing an international tax organization and calling for global taxes giving the UN power over than American tax systems? The Reid Amnesty Bill 59 giving illegal immigrants permanent residency, all of whom have broken the law? The UN uses our soldiers for their benefit.

These words are the strangest of all your rhetoric.  There is no “North American Union” and most likely never will be.  Even if one formed it would not be the horrible entity you think it would be.  The European Union did not eliminate European countries, it merely made life better in many ways for Europeans.  They are better able to travel, shop, migrate and move about Europe without constantly going through check-points, juggling passports or waiting in lines.

You reflect the paranoia of the extreme right in your words.  It’s impossible to counter such paranoia with logical responses.  Taxpayer dollars are wasted on many frivolous programs including art projects and “awareness” programs.  If you don’t like it write your congressman and senator.  Don’t blame me.  I don’t like it either.

The elderly are very neglected in the welfare system.  I am extremely aware of this.  As a welfare worker I spoke up against it but changes have to be made in the legislature and nobody is doing anything there.

All your comments about the UN are mere rumor and fabrication spoken by right wing conspiracy nuts.  No doubt there are those in the UN or who support the UN who would like it to become a world government.  Don’t hold your breath on that one.  I am undecided.  My view is that if there’s any way to bring an end to war and death I’ll consider it, no matter how drastic.  In any case the words you write about UN taxes and such are just absurd.

That amnesty bill you speak of is a long dead issue.  I do believe, though, that there should be some form of transitioning illegal Mexican immigrants to a legal status.  It would cost less to deal with them as legal citizens as it does to round them up and deport them.  Besides, there is no way the majority will ever be captured or deported.  The reasons are too many to mention here.

We formed as a Christian nation, “In God We Trust” and our elected officials have sold us down the tubes for money. They forgot the Constitution. Put taxes on alcohol as well as cigarettes. God doesn’t do things to man, man does it to himself. Do away with the lobbyists who are paid thousands to help the rich people, companies and countries. Get off our soldiers Mr .Gresham and let me hear your views on these or more.

Again, your words are strange and difficult to answer directly.  “In God We Trust” did not appear on American currency for a hundred years after the American revolution.  Our founding fathers were not Christians as Christians are today.  Many were Deists.  A few were nominal “Christians” who didn’t attend church.  Very few believed in the supernatural aspects of Christianity.  Quit depending on Sunday School books and do some research using accurate sources.

I agree that our elected officials have sold us down the tubes for money.  But those elected officials are the ones the right wing shoved down our throats.  But think about what you said: “our elected officials have sold us down the tubes….”  Duh.  Elected means you helped put them there.  The solution is to take them out and send responsible people to do the job.  Who would that be?

You could elect me.  I am painfully honest, direct, considerate, kind.  If I’m not your first choice find honest people.  Ah, but who are willing?  Not many.   What about you?  Are you honest and able to avoid temptation?

Is not using cigarettes and alcohol sinful?  Why do you care it is taxed?  Gasoline is taxed too, very heavily.  Many things are taxed.  Sales taxes are higher in Texas because we’re one of the few states without income tax.  Tax pays for everything the government does.  I will be the first to agree that far too much is wasted and it disgusts me that so much federal tax goes to support war but when you speak of alcohol and cigarettes you’re talking sales tax which is state tax.  I do not object at all. The state provides police and fire protection, the best highway system in the nation, and many services other states do not have.

I would like to see a ten dollar a pack tax on cigarettes.  Smoking is stupid.  The health care industry is the only industry that really profits from cigarettes.  Do not as me to be sympathetic to the cause of smoking.  Smoking is a horrible habit that many times takes food right out of the mouths of children, kills millions including many who never smoked, and is the nastiest habit anyone can have–except maybe chewing or using snuff.

Yes, ma’am, lobbiests need to be gotten rid of.  Again, what are you doing to stop it other than griping?  I’m not doing anything at the moment but then there’s only one of me.  I tell you what, if you want to do something about them join with me and we’ll visit our legislator’s offices and insist on reform.  Put your feet where your mouth is.

Lastly, I’m not “on” soldiers but the government that is sending them into war.  I feel sorry for most soldiers, those young men and women duped by lies and talked into joining a military that does not care for them.  There are some soldiers, however, who do not deserve honor.  I suspect this war is sustained by hardened veterans who no longer have any respect for life.  America has turned many thousands of our youth into cold blooded killers.  If there is a God he should strike us down for that alone.

No, Ms. Farringer, my gripe is not with the soldiers at all.  My gripe is with you and all Americans who do not care about the lives of people beyond our borders or even millions within our borders of a different color or who speak a different language.

Your letter makes little sense.  It’s the ranting of a confused person.  My wife said it was not worth responding to.  I have responded to it, however, as best I could.  I am fully aware that if you ever read this blog you will not like anything I’ve written.  You will probably go right on believing the garbage handed to you by Fox news and all those right wing idiots you listen to.

I stopped taking anyone’s word for anything many, many years ago.  I believe neither the right nor the left.  I take no position on any issue until I have conducted sufficient research to see the evidence beyond the rhetoric.  Left wingers, liberals, are just as prone to lies and exaggeration as right wing idiots are.  Bigots come in all colors.  When people start talking hateful I stop listening.  At least, I stop accepting what they say.

Educate yourself, Ms. Farringer.  Visit my website or go dig around for truth.  Accept nobody.  Look everything up and find it out for yourself.  Then  you can speak from a position of knowledge and understanding.  I’m no genious but I am certainly one who has spent many hours in research and one who speaks from knowledge and truth because I have searched it myself.  Try it, Ms. Farringer.  If you did that you and I would find agreement on almost every issue.  I’m positive of that.


Thus ends my response to Ms. Farringer.  I find it sad and a little disturbing to hear such horrid words knowing there are many thousands in East Texas who are just as misinformed.  Our educational system and our government has failed its people.  The past half-decade has seen the virtual destruction of everything that was once American.

I vascilate between trying to figure out ways to make a dent in this horrid culture or merely finding ways to get my family out of it.  If I were handed a million dollars I’d probably put half into a campaign to try and make changes and half into getting my family settled on a South Pacific island.  I still hope but I don’t know why I do.  I think it might well be in vain.

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