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I cried today.

I am shaking a little right now.  I’m rather upset.  The truth of war is ugly, so ugly it gives nightmares to the strongest men.

My son, Trace

My son, Trace

In my research I ran across a link to a video about a massacre in Iraq last year.  It took some digging to find a copy, all the links were gone.  Not surprising.  I managed to find an embedded copy that I am not so sure I even want to see.  The first few seconds were enough.

From the Video

From the Video

A little while later I was trying to catch up with my nerves.  My boy came in, walked up to me and gave me a huge smile.  I realized how much he looked like one of the boys in the video.  Except the boy on the video had a hole in his head a tennis ball would fit in.  That boy’s eyes were open, vacant, empty.  My mind merged the two images and suddenly I was holding my boy and crying.

“Why are you crying, daddy?”

“I saw some bad pictures, son,” I said.  He squeezed me harder.  He’s the best boy in the world.

I keep having to hit the backspace key.  My fingers are jumping on the keyboard.  Nerves.

It’s weird, too, because I have a degree in history that included class after class of war.  I studied the Holocaust in depth.  I’ve seen rare footage of bodies piled, buried, burned, you name it.  I studied Vietnam.  I’ve read accounts and seen footage of worse.  I used to be very stoic.  Now I don’t know if I’ll make it through the process of research without becoming a nervous wreck.

Listen.  If you’re reading this and it does not affect you at least a little there’s something bad wrong.  I used to watch films and read to deliberately desensitize myself.  It worked for a long time.  But as I grow older human horror is harder for me to take.  Video and pictures these days are so much more clear, too.

I can’t imagine what this war does to soldiers who “fight” it.  I put the word fight in quotes because it is really a very lop-sided action.  For every soldier wounded there are thousands of innocent civilians killed.  Why would American kids do what they do?  I don’t know.  I have ideas.

The point is that the war must end.  America may never recover its reputation but maybe we can recover our national soul.  We need to bring soldiers home and teach them how to love and live and thrive in a world of peace.  Our young soldiers are victims too.  They are victims of greedy corporations, corrupt leadershsip, misguided warmongering legislators, and they are our victims.  As long as we do nothing and say nothing their hearts and minds are warped and destroyed in the horrors of war.

The story that goes with the video is bad.  Here’s an excerpt:

As the two car convoy was waiting nearby, an American helicopter nearby opened fire on the vehicles. As the vehicles were hit, the drivers attempted to seek cover, but both vehicles were repeatedly shot and disabled. The helicopter landed but instead of assisting those shot and needing medical help, the American soldiers killed any survivors and then wrote numbers on the foreheads of some.

The source for this quote is here: YouTube Censor Iraqi Civilian Massacre

If you want the link with the video, go here: Civilians Massacred by Occupation Soldiers

If the links don’t work or you can’t find the story anywhere else write, I have a copy saved.  Can’t send the video though.

I told my wife about the massacre.  She said how do I know the story is true?  It’s true.  The video tells the story better than words, horrific as they are.

I do not believe this is an isolated event.  I believe the American public has no clue about what our professional military is doing overseas.  It’s time they knew.

My wife is paranoid.  She’s afraid someone will attack me and my family for taking up this cause.  She may be right.  At least, I might be in danger.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’m just paranoid.  I’m an old man.  I think I’m afraid now.  What do you think?  Are there elements in the government that will go to such lengths to shut me up?

I know one thing.  As much as I really, REALLY would like to run and hide under a bush I can’t do it. I just can’t.  With any luck my fingers will stop shaking soon and I’ll be able to get something written without taking an hour to type a paragraph.

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