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The letter arrived today.  Now Lufkin has yet another reason to scream at the liberal crazy guy.  View the letter update here: And The War Goes On.

My wife and I had a little “discussion” today.  She, like almost ever other American, sees the war the same way the military sees homosexuality: don’t ask/don’t tell.  The reality of war is far from her mind.  I don’t know how to get her to understand.  I don’t know how to get the rest of America to understand the horrors of war.

Heck, even I don’t know the true reality.  I’ve never been in a war.  I do know a whole lot about war in general and Iraq/Afghanistan in particular.  I have a degree in history.  Specifically I studied 20th century American history dealing with war, especially WWII.

I know a lot.  Then there’s the graphic pictures TV news ignores and the more graphic photos TV news couldn’t run if it wanted to.  But not even they reveal the true horror or cost of war.  It’s easy to arm-chair the anti-war effort.  But we who are a part of it suffer from the same problem of distance that every other American suffers from.  We CAN’T know the reality.  Even so, it doesn’t take much effort to realize the truth must be horrible beyond imagination.  Even so, too, there’s enough to make anyone with half a heart realize the war is not worth the cost.

My wife says I can’t stop the war myself.  That doesn’t mean I won’t try.  She’s unhappy that I mentioned a client of her company in my letter.  I can understand her concern.  Can’t say anything else about that, I’m already on thin ice with what I said.  I could say a lot and I will later.

I have to say more.  I have to do more.  I don’t really want to, either.  I would like a friend or two.  I’ve come to the conclusion, though, that I will probably not find a friend in this town.  If there are liberals or Buddhists or anti-war activists they are not speaking up.  In other words, they are silent collaborators.  They do not want the boat rocked.  I tend to rock boats.

For the past several days I’ve spent a lot of time working on  There seems to be so little going on these days.  So much death and destruction, so little concern!  I’m rather ashamed that Americans are so placidly sitting back and feeding their greed while we burn the world down and kill humanity.  Like I asked in the letter, when is enough enough?


Visit the website.  Don’t be so indifferent! or

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