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A rant about our car…

I don’t rant too much these days.  I have to blow off a little today, though.

We have a 2004 Isuzu Axiom.  Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it.  Last year when we went to get a car we had limited choices because of our financial situation.  We wound up narrowing our options down to a Chevy club cab pickup and the Axiom.  I was afraid we’d not have enough room in the truck with all the kids so we got the Axiom.  It didn’t take long for me not to like it.

The car has a computer system that defies imagination.  Half the time the buttons do not work.  I looked for a book on the thing everywhere and eventually called Isuzu to get one.  The car comes with a CD changer but of course the one in this car was broken.  I finally figured out how to get it out of the console a couple months ago.  Fixing it was out of the question.  Replacing it would cost hundreds.  And know what?  This car’s stereo is built into the dash and integrated with all the controls.  There’s no freakin’ way to replace the stereo.  So it has no CD and no cassette player and no way to fix it other than spending massive bucks.

The Axiom is a tank.  It is not comfortable to travel in.  It gets terrible mileage.  It demands an oil change before it has run 3k miles.

We took it to the shop yesterday.  Today I find out it just needs a tune up.  Right.  $300!  And that’s not covered by the warranty.  It has TWO ignition coils, each costing $150 just for the part.  Plugs are between ten and twenty bucks a piece if I do the job myself.

I also discovered the engine uses a quart of oil every 3k too.  Oil usage is NORMAL for that car.  Normal?  How can that be normal?

The car is junk.  I really, really hate the thing.  We’re stuck with it for now, though.

OK, I’m a little better now.  Maybe.

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