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“In God We Trust?” I think not!

I got wind lately of a survey that asked if “In God We Trust” should be taken off the currency.  A big majority said no.  I say yes, absolutely, and do it now!

Right away I ask, “which god do you trust in?”  Which “god” are we talking about?  Are we talking YahWeh, Jesus, Allah, Krishna?  How about the bad guy gods?  Which one?  Could it be Zeus or Apollo or maybe the Sun God?  Or maybe that god people call damn?

There’s little doubt the folks who stuck that phrase on American money meant the Judeo-Christian God.  If this is true then I doubly do not want the phrase to remain on my greenbacks.  The Christian “god” is a murky “trinity,” three people but one person but three in one but three personalities or something like that.  So are we talking the “Father” God now?  Or maybe the “Jesus” God?  You know, I just don’t know.  It depends entirely on which denomination you ask.  Christians can’t agree themselves on who “god” actually is.  And they want to shove their god–whichever one they’re talking about– down everybody else’s throat? No thank you.

The Book, aka The “Holy” Bible, is no help.  The book should in all honesty not be called a “book” but a compilation or digest or encyclopedia.  Every “book” within it paints a different picture of the god Christians talk about.  In fact, the Christian god has MPD bigtime.  (MPD: Multiple Personality Disorder.)  When people in America act as radically as that god does they get locked up.  One minute he’s hateful, cruel, selfish.  The next he’s loving, kind, forgiving.  One minute he’s insisting Hebrews murder whole races and the next he’s telling them to kill themselves or to show mercy.

The strange nature of the Judeo-Christian god is bad enough to make me wish our unwise and self-serving leadership would take the phrase off American money.  Besides,  the mere statement itself “In God We Trust” is wasted ink and effort.  Even if they knew which god they are supposed to trust, they don’t.  The great irony of having the phrase on money is that the true god they serve is the god upon which the phrase is written.  Indeed, the American Dollar sits atop the great pyramid with far more love, respect, adoration and worship than any mere supernatural god ever had in this country.  I would not object to keeping the phrase “In God We Trust” on the currency if something else was added: “…and I am He!”

Christians no more trust their “true” god than they do each other or themselves.  I’ve met very few Christians who were not cowards.  Oh, I have met a few courageous souls who stuck their neck out in the name of their religion but for everyone of them there’s a whole congregation of self-righteous finger pointing cowards back at the church house.  They do not trust god.

What does it mean to “trust god” anyway?  Trust god for what?

There’s another little catch-phrase one finds jumping out all over the place.  It’s been around forever, like the “In God We Trust” thing.  I saw it on one of those stupid little yellow ribbons on a car at the Great Temple (Wal*Mart) the other day: “God Bless America!”  Sure, I hear you.

America has gone to hell.  With a couple of exceptions–none of which had the support of Christians–this country has become something I am ashamed of, not proud of.  It was bad enough BEFORE Bush/Cheney.  They pretty much finished it off.  And to hear Christians tell it ol’ George was God’s Gift to America.  Now we have the liberal George Bush in the white house.  how screwed up is that?  When I saw the little yellow ribbon on the car the other day these thoughts popped into my head.  I said out loud: “if this is blessing I sure would hate to see a curse.”

So absolutely, take the stupid phrase off our money.  It does not belong for a hundred reasons.  The people who put it on there didn’t mean it.  The people who support it do not mean it.  Christians do not do it.  Our government certainly pays no attention to any god at all but thinks it is itself one.  The last thing I’d ever trust in is the fickle deity Christians call God.  I just don’t think America can take any more of his “blessings” from that guy.

“In God We Trust.”  Sure we do.  Just about as much as I trust Christians and the American Government.


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