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OK, so I’m a radical.  I wrote a letter to the editor of our local daily wipe and got a note back saying I was over the top.  Nice of him to say so, I suppose, but I don’t think I was.  Here’s the exchange:

From the honorable Doctor Palmer, sel-frighteous dentist and all around religious conservative twit who promised to pay my medical bills then ignored the promise :


Friday, January 30, 2009

In response to Charles Nick’s “America’s Future Looks Grim” LDN Jan. 14,2009:

Mr. Nick, you have it all wrong. Why should anyone in America be the least bit concerned about our future now that Obama has been elected? The “Immaculate inauguration” took place on Jan. 20 and now all our problems are over.

Why fret over increasing attacks on Christianity and the traditional family? We all know that dads are expendable and there is far too much God in our schools.

And liberal judges making laws and dictating policy? What’s the real problem if “men in black” can rewrite the Constitution anytime they want to? Don’t you realize it’s all because they know what’s best for you and your family? Don’t question their “wisdom;” they are from the government and they are here to help.

Don’t worry about Obama’s push for socialism and all its ills. Even though it has failed everywhere in the world, the “Messiah” wasn’t in charge.

Why worry about rewarding failure and punishing achievement with endless, expensive bailouts?

Who really cares about open borders or higher taxes?

Everything is going to be better now since that evil Mr. Bush is gone. Mr. Obama, who rose from the cesspool of Chicago politics and came out as pure as the driven snow, is now in charge. I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel better knowing the most liberal and unqualified man to ever be our president now has his hands on the nuclear codes as well as my wallet.

And terrorism? I bet Obama will be able to talk our enemies right out of their evil intentions. Bush just didn’t understand terrorists and why they hate us. Silly man thought killing them was the answer.

One thing is for sure, we won’t be blessed with all those wonderful cartoons portraying President Bush as a small ape, or the man reading a “horrifying” bedtime story about the Bush years to his child.

“Bush derangement syndrome” which has infected liberals (and a few from Zavalla) for years, is being rapidly replaced with “Obama mania.”

Get on board son! The headlines will get much better since 99 percent of the media is in the tank for “the anointed one.” The sun will shine brighter and the sky will be bluer. Go on, ignore your common sense, and for God’s sake don’t criticize our president because one, you run the distinct risk of being called a racist, and two, he means well, even if the results of his liberal ideas are destructive. Get with the program Mr. Nick. Go on and take a big drink of that Kool-Aid, whoops, I mean free bubble up. And don’t forget a big helping of that rainbow stew!

Now my reply:

RE: Why Worry? Be Happy, Dr. Palmer, News January 30, 2009

Why don’t you religious conservatives grow up? You talk big and do nothing. You claim allegiance to a religion that teaches love, forgiveness, respect, but you exemplify bigotry, hatred and never forgive. You’re the first to pat yourself on your back but last to offer a hand of friendship to those with whom you disagree.

People do not attack Christianity in this country, they make legitimate observations about Christians who fail to live up to its teachings. It’s not Christ anyone complains about. His values are well known and accepted around the world. It is, instead, those who claim to follow him but are selfish, self-righteous, un-forgiving, disrespectful and never considerate of anyone that does not follow their creed. And still they wonder why so many reject their evangelical efforts.

I wouldn’t play the “Christian” card if I were you doc. It might come up a joker. Christianity suggests someone get their own house in order before throwing rocks at the neighbors. While my mom lay dying in the hospital I left her side to deliver in person to you an apology for a personal attack I should not have made. I sent another to the News and posted it one on my personal blog. Your generous response was to ignore promises you made in letters to the News.

Christians have been blinded by their own self-righteousness for centuries. They’ve learned how to ignore obvious facts and reject them for myths and self-serving lies. They’ve crusaded in the name of Christ, killing, torturing and condemning anyone who refused to bow to them. Now they’re all disappointed that Bush didn’t raise the shield once again and destroy once and for all we who reject their insane lies. Last time I checked, doc, America is still a Democratic Republic. This time America had more sense than to play the fool’s game. Get over it.

Reply back from the editors:


This one’s a little much. Let’s stop the back-and-forth with Dr. Palmer, please.


So, am I bad?

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