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Recovering – MIA

NOTE: See how much I’ve been paying attention to this blog lately?  I discovered this particular post did not get posted.  It’s been floating in my drafts box.


Here it is now, old news but whatever….

The lights are on and we’re home!

After six days our house greeted us with shining lights when we returned to it yesterday PM from town. The house was such a mess that I wanted to turn the lights off again! Ha!

Next difficulty we’re facing is my mom. She stayed with my sister during the storm. I picked her up at her home Thursday AM for a dr apt. We were planning on keeping her with us a few days. She was in very bad shape, very, very weak, incoherent, lethargic. I got her a wheel chair, she was not able to get around with the walker. Thursday night she had an accident in the bed and could not make the short trip to the bathroom. She was scheduled to have a chemo treatment. I figured she couldn’t. I pulled the plug on that idea, consulted with her primary MD, and he put her in the hospital. Her health and strength seems to be taking a fast plunge.

So, no more time today. I have to go get some more lumber from where my dad-in-law is tearing down a house, go by the hospital, and get back to do work here.


Thank God the lights are on!


September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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