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God does everything… not.

These days time to get at the keyboard is very short.  I put my mom in the hospital last week.  I’ve been hauling old timber/lumber from a house my paw-in-law is tearing down to do some building around here.  And I volunteered (stupid me) to help with the tearing.  Yesterday I took my wife to the doc over in Nacogdoches, gone half a day, and then met with all my siblings (small miracle having them all here) to write a letter telling the doctors to do what the should do.

It’s a story longer than I have time to write but essentially my mom has cancer and has not had a scan done in three months to see if it has progressed.  The idiot cancer doctor said he did not want to run another scan before she has had another chemo.  But she’s only had one and it almost killed her.  There’s no reason to wait.  Also, the drs are not telling her or us the full truth.  So, having the medical power of attorney in hand we wrote a letter instructing all doctors to clear all through mom’s primary dr, the cancer doctor to do the tests, the kidney dr to provide information of the last exam and the primary to tell the whole truth when he knows what’s what.  We added an “or else” that we’d get new doctors if they did not comply.

My sister from AR is down with her totally insane husband, a guy who is as paranoid as they come.  He’s obsessed with money (though they have always lived in shacks and never had anything).  He has a horrible temper and a nasty, vulgar disposition and is a very unpleasant person to be around.  He’s been staying at my mom’s house.  Good.  He is known to go wacky and blow his top over the stupidest little things.  He actually accused my sister and I of spraying mom’s house for bugs just so he couldn’t stay there.  No kidding.

Did anybody say disfunctional family?

My brother and his wife are staying with us.  I love the man but he is a fundamentalists’ fundamentalist.  The other night I told him I am no longer a Christian whatsoever.  He sort’a freaked.  Now I’m sure he thinks I’m on the high road to hell.

My brother thinks people don’t do anything unless “God” does it.  I have to bite my lip sometimes.  I really want to say, “how stupid is that?”  But it would not be nice nor would it matter.  It would just piss him off.  Last night we were talking about how people have to choose their life and nobody else can do it for them.  If they’re going to be good or bad it’s their choice.  We were mostly talking about recovering from addiction since we were watching one of my favorite shows, “The Cleaner.”  I said people were who they are.  Nobody can change them.  If they change they change by their own choice and effort.

“No, God has to do it.  People can’t change without God.”

Ahh, so now you know what the title is about.  It’s a crock, of course.  God does not do everything.  It’s really an absurd notion.  Like the mega-church pastor of my sister’s church who said the new building on our south loop was a “gift from God” for their new school.  Hmmmm, but that gift was just blown all to hell by the hurricane.  Did I mention this?  I forget.  Anyway, did God to THAT too?  Was it God’s intention that the church waste tens of thousands of bucks on a building he no doubt knew he was going to blow down?

Yeah, like I said.  Ridiculous.

Have to go visit my mom.  The rest of the news will have to wait.

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