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Is this real?

It doesn’t seem real.  I’m on sensory overload.  What about you?

The kids cleaned up the yard today as I tried, and failed, to get my old generator running.  Still no power going on four days tomorrow.  Downed trees and wild rumors are the order of the day in this town–from what my wife says.  We are stuck here in the woods.

Without the ability to check the news on TV and a battery notebook computer with limited life I just don’t have much of a way to find out what is going on.  As I sit here blogging my car is using up precious gas to charge this battery and my power unit.  Lighting is by candle.

I did manage to dig up pictures of Galveston and Houston from the Chronicle site.  Really hard to believe all of our favorite places are gone.  Even harder to imagine the horror and hardship of those folks down there.  There were pictures of people in long lines waiting for food and ice and long lines of cars waiting for gas.  Our inconvenience seems so trivial.  We have food and means to cook it, a secure house, in this state we’re much better off than anyone of a couple generations ago.

On top of the storm damage there’s the stock market melt-down.  Ecconomic crash, maybe?

And my sister called today and we had a shouting match on the phone.  I wasn’t very nice.  I sort’of regret it but the thing is the crisis of my mom’s inability to live alone is upon us and she is not prepared because she refused to heed my warning.  I told my siblings to insist she make plans and arrangements.  “We can’t just tell mom what to do” and stuff like that.  Now the town and the country is in a big crisis.  There’s far less opportunity to sell the house or maybe even get a reverse mortgage or something.  I can’t keep my mom, no place to put her.  I have no control over her fiances, my sister does.  She has kept all of us out of the loop with what mom’s finances are.

The thing is, my mom is dying of cancer.  This is probably the one thing that seems more real.  I’m helpless to do anything about that either.

What a strange world we live in.

I need to work on my temperament and temper but I really, really want to learn to be a better Buddhist and most especially learn to detach.  Everything is growing less real anyway.  If I learn detatchment I’ll just float on away.  That might be a nice thing.

Ya think?

September 15, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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  1. We are thinking of you and your family.

    Comment by Heide | September 19, 2008

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