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God did it.

Well, maybe not.  Ike was just wind and water, a big oceanic burp.  Talk about bad breath!

Today it’s still HOT around here.  No power.  I cut some of the big tree over the road with hand tools.  Cut some more with a reciprocating saw plugged into a power inveter I’ve had a while and didn’t know worked.  Hmm.  But the saw drew more juice than the inverter and it got hot and quit.  So now maybe it don’t work. Ha.  A co-worker of my wife and the co-worker’s husband came by and cut the few big parts of the tree in the way.  That was nice of him.  Now we can get out.  And we’re about to.  Going to stock up on paper goods and assorted stuff we can use w’out power.

Why my sacriligious header?  Because.  One of the worst damaged buildings in town was a building owned by a big Baptist church, the one my snob sister goes to.  The preacher in the article said, “God gave them” the building.  Now I think they should ask, then, why they pissed God off.  He tore it down.  Go figure.

More later.  My battery on this notebook holds up just so long.  I have pics when I get them uploaded.  This connection is dialup and it’s too slow.  Our wireless cell connection (along with our cell phones) is on the fritz.

Life is so much fun.

No, I am not feeling sorry for us.  I’m really sad for those folks on the coast.  Very sad and depressing to know so many people are in such a mess.

Gotta run.

September 14, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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