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9/11 and History

Watch me go out here on this limb and loose my credibility (and maybe get myself on that Homeland Security black list–if it isn’t there already).

Three targets are chosen to maximize the effect of the attack… . Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country until at last the true goal comes into view… . Some believed it was the work of God Himself… . Several extremists are tried, found guilty… a memorial is built to canonize their victims.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government…. The rest, as they say, is history.~ – V

Last night the kids and I watched a movie called “V. for Vendetta”. It was a four-hour movie on FX about a dark, masked “terrorist” who was actually trying to break a totalitarian regime that had overtaken Britain. I’d never heard about it before. It was dark, brooding, terrifying, and fatalistic. And it has some interesting parallels to 9/11.

The plot is extremely interesting. It’s about this not-so-nice guy who (we learn later is badly burned and has no face) wears a mask as he goes about executing a specific group of individuals while plotting nothing less than the destruction of the totalitarian religious government. He’s all the super-hero, able to sling knives, jump about and overcome a dozen bad guys with guns. He rescues a damsel–movie fodder too. On and on we learn about the horror from whence V came, a concentration camp called “Larkhill” where evil doctors had conducted experiments on living humans as they developed pathogens. V’s first objective was to kill all the ones responsible at Larkhill from a pedophile priest to the mad doctor in charge. He manages the task even though the government has eyes and ears everywhere.

The regime is not as strong as Orwell’s totalitarian government. It more resembles Nazi Germany with advanced technology. Like the Nazi’s, the regime gathered up those considered undesirable and disposed of them. But this horror came after the terror that led to the rise of totalitarianism.

A man called Adam Sutler, the film’s Big Brother, rises to power after a series of biological attacks that kills tens of thousands of British citizens. In the aftermath of the attacks Sutler rises to the top and eventually succeeds in converting Britain into the regime V wants to bring down.

Wikipedia explains that the original idea came from a series of comic books written in the 1980’s set in the 1990’s. The reference explains that the series is an exploration of totalitarianism vs. anarchism. It’s a long and interesting article–interesting for those with weird appreciation for such philosophical stuff. The movie, however, was produced in 2006.

There are similarities–haunting similarities– between the Sutler regime and the Bush administration and between what happened after 9/11 and what followed the mass killing in the film.

Fueled by the media, fear and panic spread quickly, fracturing and dividing the country.”

Such was the case after 9/11. There was less “fracturing” and more “fear and panic,” but there was a definite shift in attitudes brought on by fear. In the film strong-arm tactics to quell panic ended up being precursors to totalitarian control of the whole country. Since 9/11 a less obvious and more sinister control of the United States has arisen. It’s called Homeland Security.

“…at last the true goal comes into view… .”

The goal? Control. Manipulation. Exploitation. Since 9/11 while Americans have too-fanatically waved the flag and gone “rah, rah!” at the “war on terror” our pragmatic and less-than-idealistic leaders have allowed corporate interests to virtually take over our lives.

“Some believed it was the work of God Himself… .”

Gee, where have I heard that before? Religious idiots on the far right claimed and some still preach that 9/11 was a “wake-up call.” Others said it was God punishing us for homosexuality in our midst, our failure to support Israel, our lascivious lifestyles, you name the sin. We are fortunate that the Bush administration has not gained the power held by Sutler. In the movie homosexuals, sinners and assorted bad people were rounded up and killed. But just because the Radical Right can’t do it they certainly have indicated they would if they could.

“Several extremists are tried, found guilty… a memorial is built to canonize their victims.”

A few “9/11” terrorists have been “caught,” they say. Even worse than hanging a few patsies, the Bush regime is in the process of killing of a large portion of at least two whole countries. Memorials are rising to honor the victims of 9/11 and a dozen films, give or take, have spread the propaganda of terrorism by distorting the events and reality of that day seven years ago today.

“But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the fear. Fear became the ultimate tool of this government….”

No kidding. Only an American population saturated with fear (and satiated with corporate sweets) could sit by and allow their civil liberties be ripped away as they have done. The Administration has played the “terrorist around every corner” card every way possible. Even as Hollywood actors spout liberal slogans they play in movies that promote the idea and continue the myth. Every cop show on TV deals with “terrorists” in their weekly adventures. State legislatures, city governments, major corporations, colleges and schools are eat up with the “terrorist” obsession.

You know, if there were as many “enemies of America” lurking around the world and sneaking into this country we’d be experiencing more car bombs, gas attacks, explosions, etc., than we’d know what to do with. How long will it take for the American public to figure out they’ve been duped?

“The rest, as they say, is history.”

History, that is, hidden from view. History hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

In the movie we learned that the biological attacks were not perpetrated by a foreign government or a terrorist cell. They were, in fact, perpetrated by Sutler and his friends. Sutler’s group believed, rightly so, that a massive attack would bring about perfect conditions for taking over the government. “Three targets were chosen to maximize the attack.” Three targets? Another parallel.

Do you supposed Chaney and his Neo-Con pals ever read those comic books?

Three targets. Let’s see, Tower One, Tower Two, and the Pentagon. I’d say that was maximum effect. Unless, of course, you’re naive enough to believe that last plane really was heading for the Whitehouse.

If you haven’t figured out by now I do not believe terrorists brought down the towers. I have no doubt whatsoever it 9/11 was perpetrated by Neo-con thugs, led by Cheney, who have since carried this nation down the primrose path towards not totalitarianism but Corporatism and Fascism.

America has become a nation ran by corporate leaders who use their money to influence Congress. At the other end of the avenue Bush and Chaney (though I believe it’s much of the later and less of the former) have pushed nationalism, militarism, and elitism. The Cheney side presses corporatism and militarism while the Bush side more subtly manipulates the gullible religious right into supporting another element of fascism: bigotry.

I have, as usual, spent more time and written more words than I’d planned.

This morning I hadn’t even realized what day it was. The anniversary seems to have taken a back seat to elections and the hurricane. But the absence of news about 9/11 is rather foreboding. Is it that the perps believe they have accomplished their goals? Is it that Homeland Security is confident in its control of America and no longer needs to raise the ragged flag of 9/11? You tell me.

V’s solution to the Sutler regime was massive upheaval, bloodshed and anarchy. Bad as I hate the thought of sitting under the thumb of Homeland Security I like that idea far less. Given the choice between an overly-controlled country and an uncontrolled one I’ll take overly-controlled. I would never, therefore, ever suggest V’s methods are acceptable or that a bloody terrorist spree is the answer to our current predicament.

Those who destroyed our nation and killed so many Americans seven years ago today should be brought to justice. They should be really exposed, shown for the selfish and greedy bunch they are. They probably never will. I would suggest one of the best business opportunities would be the sale of shredders in Washington if by some miracle the Republicans get kicked out. Exposing them, however, might not be a good thing. If the American public really realized what I believe is true they’d probably loose all faith in their system. It would probably lead to an incredibly bad time in this country. I do not know if the nation could survive it.

Seven years ago today I was sitting in my truck waiting for rolls of newsprint to be off-loaded at the Houston Chronicle. Since then my life has taken so many twists and turns it’s not even funny. The nation itself has been twisted in knots just as my last seven years have. We have, though, weathered the storm. It seems there are just enough checks and balances left to keep Jack-boots off the streets and there’s been enough good in my life to keep me sane and tapping away at these keys. The country has grown more cynical, more fatalistic, more sad. It has less direction. The same can be said about me.

Conspiracy theories and strange movies are interesting. They can be challenging, frightening, all that, but they don’t change the fact that day to day, person to person, we as a race bumbles on. I live on the fringe but I am still a part of humanity. Whatever happens, we keep on trudging. There’s nothing else we can do. So I shall trudge on. I’ll love my family and do all I can for them. I’ll teach them how to live and survive in whatever world they wind up in. I’ll encourage them to follow Truth. I’ll tell them it’s better to love than to hate. It’s better to forgive enemies than to hunt them down and kill them. It’s better to build than to destroy. And it’s better to learn to live with some troubles than to destroy thousands of lives in the name of freedom or democracy. If I manage to call the plays right they’ll know when to stand firm, when to fight, and when to sit it out. I hope I make the right calls.

Ultimately I am a crotchety old cynical man too often depressed with little hope and less direction. Even so my children have hung on my words, have loved me without end, and have somehow found a way to be the best kids in the world, teaching their old man a thing or two about faith, trust, and hope. If this convoluted household with such a knuckle-head leader can spawn kids like these then perhaps this Nine-Eleven world will not be the destructive force I think it is. Maybe from the ashes of defeat a new generation will see the evil my generation has perpetrated on this world and make a few changes.

If they do, I have no doubt my kids will have leadership rolls.

Shadows of “V for Vendetta” aside, I suppose this world isn’t such a bleak place after all.

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