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Passion and Politically Correct

I’ve always had a problem with passion. No, I don’t mean romantic or sexual passion but passion for beliefs and points of view and morals and ethics and standards.

The problem is, I just can’t *not* have a point of view or keep my mouth shut. Somehow I got the idea when I was a wee lad that it is everyone’s duty and responsibility to stand up for righteousness and Truth. I have done that. And it has cost me dearly. I’ve lost several jobs and a couple of careers. I’ve become a pariah in my home town for writing letters to the editor. Never once was my intention to be mean or cruel or unkind. I simply did what my conscience said do. In the process I have pushed myself into oblivion.

My recent post about the Republican Bimbo Palin is a case in point. I know what I wrote is offensive. This is, of course, a personal blog so it is my prerogative to speak as I think. Still, I try not to be insulting or unkind, even here. Sometimes, though, I just can’t help myself. I know the world through my eyes is a very, very different place. There’s nobody like me. I am unique. Being unique is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when my unique nature is welded to high standards and the inability to keep my mouth shut.

The only time I stay silent is when I’m depressed (which I am a lot these days) and/or living in that hell described in an earlier post. Today the hell not so hot, just a wee burning, and my mental state is not so bad so I’m stuck with a thinking mind.

I am anti-politically correct.

Consider this definition from

poˌlitically corˈrect adjective
(also PC) (of language or behavior) that does not offend particular groups of people

The absolute fact is that one cannot speak without offending someone. A Christian offends many non-religious people merely by speaking like a Christian. Inversely, Christians are ridiculously easy to offend. Right-wingers are offended by liberal words and liberals are offended by conservative postulations. These days giving and taking offense is a national pastime. It’s gotten totally out of control. Bloggers do their best to piss off or offend everybody. They use offensive language and spout insults for no other reason than to make the reader mad. It has become so bad that people search the net for things that will make them angry so they can spit ugly words back in a verbal war to end all wars. All the while in the workplace, government offices, schools and elsewhere the “PC” rules are so absurd that everybody is afraid to speak.

What do I say to it all? Piss on it.

Does that offend you? If it does then you are too thin skinned.

The number one reason I am disgusted by “Christians” is because of the chip they have on their shoulders. Every “good Christian” I’ve ever met has that little chunk of cow shit stuck firmly on their shoulder. Nobody is more “PC” minded than Christians. This is the single reason I do not “watch my language” nor withhold my “expletives” around sensitive Jesus-people ears. You know what? Jesus lived in a rough and tumble world where thieves, crooks, and hookers abounded. You think the language around him was all nice and religiously PC? Hell no. But the blessed few are far more worried about a person’s language or demeanor than they are their heart or soul.

So that’s my rant about Christians. In the political arena this bullshit about “sexism” and “racism” and all that is all smokescreens. Politicians use flash words to succor (make that sucker) those they want to vote for them and piss off the competition.

Take the “moral” platform of the idiot party…aka Republicans. (Yes, I used to be one. God forgive me for my asinine stupidity!) One: morality is a matter of faith and should NOT be legislated. Two: “Human” morality, that which says it’s wrong to kill, steal, etc., is universal and laws protecting citizens from them will be supported by all parties (if they know what’s good for them). Three: Abortion is a dead issue, it’s already law. Four: queer (homosexual, not strange) legislation will not change the mind of those who practice homosexuality. (OK, now I’ll have to write a post on the ridiculous term “homophobia” won’t I?) Five: the “moral majority” isn’t. Six: American politics is about as amoral as it can be. No matter which side one is talking about party elites are greedy, power-hungry, self-serving people who drink, screw, cheat, lie and manipulate at will. “Christian” Republicans are worse than their opposition because they are also hypocritical about it.

I do care if I offend you. Even so, I will not sit quietly (on those occasions when I am able to drag my ass up out of the abyss) and say nothing. I speak as one might when warning of a coming storm. Sometimes one has to shout above the noise. I never speak simply to belittle or destroy as so many do these days. Unfortunately the nuance is often lost in the rhetoric. I can’t help that.

If you’d get that chip off your shoulder and actually listen you might learn something. You SHOULD agree with me. I believe I am right. But then that’s another curse, too. There are lots of grey in this world but I still see many issues in black and white. There IS a right and wrong. I am an absolutist by nature and by temperament. Things are obvious to me that SHOULD be obvious to you. If you’re not seeing then you’re just not looking! “Agreeing to disagree” only goes so far.

Having said that, I am far more able to live in a pluralistic world than you who have that chip stuck on your shoulder. I am neither frighten by or particularly offended by homosexuals nor their marriages or whatever–as long as they don’t try to share my bunk! Oh, sure, two guys kissing is gross to me but so are many other things in this world. There are plenty of moral issues you with the chip will never condone and will forever try to “legislate away” that I care not a whit about regulating. Your language does not offend me. Your rhetoric may on occasion piss me off because it is so stupid (in my opinion) but I’ll get over it quickly. Come to my door hungry and without clothes and I’ll give you all I can, be you religious conservative or fruity homosexual. Come in peace and you and they are welcome to sit on my couch, share my food, and I’ll enjoy a civil conversation. I am loaded with opinions but they’re in my gut, not stuck on my shoulder like a little pile of doodoo, reeking to everyone but the carrier.

Oh my, what words I have written. Must be feeling better today. Comes and goes, you know.

If I offend you I am sorry. Really I am. Still, I take nothing back. I don’t want you to have hurt feelings but I refuse to kiss your ass just because you think I should. Why should I? The greatest teachers that ever walked this earth, Jesus and Buddha, were never offended and never bowed to the whims and were entirely anti-PC in all they did.

So there.

Now, it’s tea time.

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  1. If you are offended by this, then why read blogs at all…
    Texas Bohemian – thanks for making such a clear statement about
    what free speech is.
    Without it, free thoughts, human beings would never have developed passed the chimpanzees.

    Comment by cogitoergosum | September 5, 2008

  2. You’re welcome.

    Comment by texasbohemian | September 5, 2008

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