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Words go here.

If I could come up with any, that is.  So, another day, huh?

We watched a show I like last night called “The Cleaner.”  Great show, gritty, real, about a guy who helps drug addicts for a fee.  The fee pays the bills.  He does what he does because he cares.  He and his little band of misfit ex-users tear into addicts and show them the error of their ways.   They main character talks to God about like I do and his home life is all screwed up because of his years of addiction and he is bull-headed and old fashioned in his views of parenting… like me?

Problem is, as I told my wife last night, I found myself envying the junkie stoned out of his head.  The ability to turn off the confusion or slow down my brain for a little while would be wonderful.  I can’t even toss back a few drinks without paying for it.  Two glasses of wine last night and my back/shoulder ailment hurt like hell for more than an hour.  Not very Buddhist of me, I know, but what can I say?  Life is suffering and suffering is life to a masochist.

Today is another lovely, cloudy and confusing day.  My oldest passed a practice GED test, one subject.  Not bad at all for her.   She studies away in the mornings and apparently is doing ok on her own.  My little ones are sharp as a tack when they try but are so brain lazy.  They completely blew spelling this morning.  Having been raised in an audio/visual TV/computer world and taught that way in grade school words on paper just does not get their attention.  How does one go back?  If I had a video that zoomed spelling words at them they’d learn the words in a minute but what good is that if they can’t comprehend words on paper… REAL made-from-pulp paper?  I don’t set a good example.  I don’t read much.  My wife does but hers is secretive, pulp romance novels she never shares but reads incessantly.

Damn, I wrote a book today.

I go now.

September 3, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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