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Screw New Orleans

One would think New Orleans is the only city on the Gulf Coast.  For every story on the Weather Channel about the storm that fizzled there were six about New Orleans.  All right already, hey, shuddup about New Orleans and tell us everything the storms are doing!

When Rita blasted up this way right after that “K” storm the talking heads ignored most of what Rita did and kept babbling on about New Orleans.  It’s been all we’ve heard for three years.  Hey, New Orleans was a horrible tragedy, people were killed and nobody held accountable, …but hey, New Orleans isn’t the only story.

So, the storm fizzled.  We got out and worked our rear off getting ready for the storm that didn’t come.  It’s sort’of bad for me to be disappointed but I am.  Hey, I wanted to see if the drainage plan worked.  The yard looks good, though.  And you know, well, a bad storm would have kept my beloved wife home and that I was looking forward to.  Yeah, I’ll endure a storm, no power, living on cracker crumbs if I can have a few more hours with my wife.  But the day is just dark and drippy, suits my usual mood but not what we expected.

Kids are getting into school this morning.  I am, as usual, in a funk.

Oh well.

September 2, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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  1. It’s not just that, also they completely forgot the rest of the coast line close to New Orleans, yeah, the storms comes in and the ONLY place it will damage is New Orleans, oh poor them, what about the town around? nothing about them hey, at least not on international news (I live in Europe)

    Comment by cogitoergosum | September 5, 2008

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