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Still here.

I guess.  Ya think?

Yesterday was my birthday.  Sucked.  Well, my brother called and sang happy birthday.  He’s the fundamental Christian who bought me a card with a cartoon drawing of a Buddhist on it.  Go figure.  I suppose he’s getting to know my eccentricities.

My oldest lied and snuck around …again… she seems totally incapable of being honest or simply asking before doing something that requires permission.  My boy kept being unkind to his siblings until he got himself in trouble.  My birthday dinner was more like a wake than a celebration.  Gee, what a wonderful day.  My wife was kind and loving, brought me a cake, fixed dinner.  My mom forgot it was my birthday though she’d sent me a card a few days ago.

I survived.

We had to go grocery shopping today.  Have to get ready for the big blow, too.  Whoosh, Hurricane Gustav.  I know he’s going to be a real prick.  Worst part will be that with all the heavy rain I won’t get my HDTV from the Sat.  I’ll have to record plenty of shows!  I have Hamlet already.  That should be a good standby.

I signed up on beliefnet today.  why?  I don’t know.  Thought I might find a semi-quasi-local Buddhist person.  And what else is there to do?

Hey, look, I wrote some words.  Enough, I think.

Stay dry.

August 30, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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  1. Aw -sorry Ted – I didn’t know it was your birthday. I am sorry it was a stinky one. Mama said there’d be days like this.
    Eat some cake – chocolate makes the world better!

    Comment by justjuls | August 30, 2008

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