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Fading Away

I am empty.  Or maybe, out of breath.  Or maybe, just tired of talking to the wall.  (As if this blog isn’t that!)

The older I get the more confused I am.  The less life and people make sense.  The less able I am to have faith.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

Well, I have ideas but they’re just not the kind I can get anybody to listen to.

So heck, whatever.

Tomorrow is my birthday but don’t tell anybody.  I don’t want to celebrate.  Except that I’m still alive.  That’s good.  I didn’t expect to be this time last year.

I’d give anything if my back wasn’t such a pain.

Oh well.  Not a bad day today.  Kids did their lessons well.  My oldest has finally (I think) accepted homeschool and her learning program.

Worked on the bathroom yesterday.  Almost all trim done.  Just the baseboards.  I’d have finished those but I forgot.

Watching the Outer Limits today.  Cool shows.

I wonder where the storm will go.  Gustov.  What a name.


August 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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  1. Some friendly input?
    The blogging community only really works when you take the time to visit and comment on other blogs. That seems to be how it works. I have friends that read my blog and I read theirs. It is pretty easy to do if you set up Google Reader.
    I have had houseguests for a month and hardly online to do much other than keep my own blog updated -and my comments have really slacked off.

    Comment by justjuls | August 30, 2008

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