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Crowne Plaza Houston $23

Am I good or what?  God Bless Priceline!

Here I sit in a comfy chair about to watch a vid on free high-speed wireless in the Crowne Plaza as I watch my wife and kids play in the pool just off our balcony.  What a life.

I wouldn’t brag or anything but you really should learn how to work priceline.  Toss in some sandwich stuff, a cooler, and a matinee movie ($4 first run across the freeway) and you have yourself a low-rent weekend getaway!

So.  That’s what we’re doing this weekend, what are you doing?

Back home the heat is horrible.  My garden has roasted in the summer sun.  The dog (poor thing) is under the porch trying to keep cool.  I’m here keeping cool, icing down the beer and, for the moment, quite content.

Next week it’s back to the bump and grind, finishing the bathroom, housework, life in the crappy country but today we’re city folks living the good life.


Think I’ll call my mom.


August 2, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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